XAMPP – Port 80 Conflict

XAMPP – Port 80 Conflict

The Final Solution!

XAMPP has its own built in netstats button, but you can DIY like this:

 netstat -ano | find ":80"

Shows PID using ports with :80

In my case it was http.exe which is responsible for 6 services in all. I first tried to disable in registry, and was no longer able to see any printers! Sensing deep water, there must be another way. My way was to call a friend, who said, oh, what you wanna do is this. And I said, Great1 Thanks!

net stop http

This will show 6 services inc Print Spooler:

	IDEA-PC C:>net stop http
	The following services are dependent on the HTTP Service service.
	Stopping the HTTP Service service will also stop these services.

	   World Wide Web Publishing Service
	   SSDP Discovery
	   Print Spooler
	   HomeGroup Provider
	   Function Discovery Resource Publication
	   Function Discovery Provider Host

	Do you want to continue this operation? (Y/N) [N]: n

Then trot over to Services in Windows 8.1, find ‘World Wide Web Publishing Service’. Disable this service which is windows web server and not needed since we use now Apache2. I’ve also set it to manual start.

Port 80 should now be freed up!

Listen 8100 Listen 8080

In case you’re wondering what else might work, before I discovered how to disable the Windows WWW Pub Services on its own, a solution was to get the main server listening on 8100. Edit httpd.conf and add:

	# Listen: Allows you to bind Apache to specific IP addresses and/or
	# ports, instead of the default. See also the <VirtualHost>
	# directive.
	Listen 8100
	Listen 8080

NB We set up main conf file to listen also on 8080. This is to listen out for Virtual Hosts set up in httpd-vhosts.conf e.g:

 <VirtualHost *:8080> 

This is all rather messy, especially if you want to later port eg a WP installation to a remote server. You have to do a search and replace on all occurences of :8080 in your SQL export file.

However, it did work and may have application to a future task in apache.

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