March Madness: DIY Pizza Hut Pie Tops

Pizza Hut recently came out with a hilarious commercial about awesome shoes that can order pizza. You might’ve seen it: Those shoes are real, and really do order pizza, but (unfortunately for everyone) they only made 64 pairs. I know that not having access to Pie Tops made you sad because it made me sad. It made [&hellip
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11 Things You Never Knew About Famous Female Aviator Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart is really a recognizable household name, because of hervastly mysterious and tragic disappearance during anattempt to fly aroundthe world in This summer 1937.

But there is a lot more to this woman’s lifethan that fatefulday. Amelia was a symbol of times, a effective figure among the couple of women succeeding within the burgeoning aviation industry. She required no prisoners and didn&#8217t appear to possess any fears. Amelia Earhart&#8217s biography is not a dull one whatsoever.

Amelia was created in Kansas, but she moved around quite a bit. She resided everywhere, from La, to Boston, to Toronto, to Chicago, and much more places among. She was driven fromthe beginning, always ambitious to become something great and past the expectations which were typical for ladies of her time. She understood that they and each other lady werecapable of a lot more than what society expected.

It appears like spending each day with Amelia Earhart will be a real hoot. Between her celebrity friendships and tales from childhood, I bet the conversation might have lasted for hrs.

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Thumbnail source: Wikimedia Commons / Wide World Photos

1. She Dropped From School Two times


Although she was obama of her class at finishing school, she dropped to volunteer like a nurse for wounded World war one soldiers.

Then, in 1919, she signed up for Columbia&#8217s school of medicine, simply to drop out the next year to maneuver to La. Neither dropout was for insufficient understanding, just an itch to understand more about significant and enticing options in existence.

2. She Would Be A Rough-And-Tumble Kid


Growing up, Amelia wasn&#8217t afraid to obtain bruised up and dirty. She collected insects and rose trees together with her siblings.

Once, with the aid of her uncle, she built a ride-style ramp off the top of the atoolshed and also got all banged on the very first run. Via a bruised lip along with a torn dress, Amelia announced happily how therough ride only agreed to be like flying.

3. She Stored Her Childhood Nickname


Amelia was the very first child ofSamuel &#8220Edwin&#8221 Stanton Earhart and Amelia &#8220Amy&#8221 Otis. Grace Muriel Earhart was created in 1899 when Amelia was 2years old. Elegance known as Amelia &#8220Meely&#8221 and Elegance grew to become &#8220Pidge.&#8221 The siblings stored their nicknames through their adult years.

4. She Learned To Fly From Another Lady


Amelia required flying training from Neta Snook, the very first lady to determine her very own aviation business. She trained Amelia in 1921 for $one in bonds per minutein the environment.

5. Her First Plane Cost $2,000


Just six several weeks after beginning flying training, Amelia obtained a Kinner Airster for $2,000 in 1922. Her mother helped her spend the money for aircraft, but her flight instructor thought the plane was too harmful.

Amelia herself stated the engine am rough that her ft went to sleep when around the pedal for too lengthy. She colored it yellow and known as it the Kinner Canary.

6. She Authored For Cosmopolitan


In 1926, Amelia was the aviation editor forCosmo and printed 16 articles about her adventures in mid-air. She did her better to encourage other women look around the burgeoning realm of aviation too.

7. She Was The Very First Lady To Become Awarded A Distinguished Flying Mix


Not just was she the very first lady to receive this military honor, but she was certainly one of very couple of civilians to get it. Now only military personnel canreceive the recognition.

8. She Inspired Eleanor Roosevelt


Amelia and Eleanor grew to become buddies, and also the first lady am inspired bythe youthful lady that they agreed to take flying training. While she didn&#8217t follow-through using the training, the 2 womenflew as passengers often.

9. She’d Her Very Own Fashion Line


Amelia was among the first celebrities to produce and endorse her own fashion line. She tried on the extender to boost her aviation career, coupled with a fairly hefty effect on 1930s fashion.

She frequently made an appearance around the pages of enormous magazines and it was a really fashion-forward lady when she wasn&#8217t within an aviation jumpsuit.

10. America Spent $4 Million Searching On Her


The U.S. Navy and also the Coast Guard both searched for Amelia and her second navigator Fred Noonan extensively, costing the United States a grand total of $4 million, probably the most allocated to searching effort to that particular date in 1937.

As the efforts were extensive, we’ve got the technology and techniques were rudimentary and many likely ineffective.

11. Some Declare That Her Remains Have Really Been Found


Somescientists believe that an incomplete skeleton discovered by an english physician in 1941 might be a match for Amelia Earhart. There’s not a way to really prove the bones fit in with the feminine aviator, but the skeleton discovered decades ago on Gardner Island provides a possible puzzle piece to accomplish the idea that they and Noonan spent a while as castaways with an island before meeting their demise.

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First lady Melania Trump touts equality at International Women’s Day luncheon

Washington (CNN)First lady Melania Trump spoke about equality, freedom and also the responsibility ladies have to assist one another become successful in an invitation-only lunch honoring Worldwide Women’s Day Wednesday in the White-colored House.

“Being an immigrant myself, getting developed inside a communist society, I understand very well the worth and need for freedom and equal chance — ideals which this excellent nation began and it has ongoing to strive towards throughout its history,” Trump stated based on her prepared remarks acquired by CNN from Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, senior advisor and chief strategist towards the first lady.
The very first lady spoke from the podium within the Condition Dining Area, concentrating on atrocities women are faced with all over the world, including human trafficking.
    “There remains much more brutal and terrifying incarnations of actual gender persecution which we have to face together, for example forced enslavement, sexual abuse and absolute repression of too many ladies and women around the world. We have to remember they within our daily hopes and employ our combined sources to assist free them from such unthinkable and inhumane conditions,” she stated.
    Greater than a month into her role as first lady, Wednesday marked the announcement of the more defined platform of initiatives for Trump. She reported education in an effort to prevent gender inequality, and promised her support to assist bridge the divide for ladies.
    “I still firmly think that education is easily the most effective method to promote and be sure women’s legal rights. Together we’ll do that not just by pursuing gender parity whatsoever amounts of education, but additionally by showing all children, and particularly boys, that it’s through empathy, respect and kindness that people achieve our collective potential,” she stated. “Along with United nations Women for Peace Association, we are able to educate and reinforce the significance of tolerance along with a society full of inclusivity no matter race, gender or culture.”
    First daughter Ivanka Trump, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, White-colored House advisor Kellyanne Conway, Republicans Sen. Susan Collins, second lady Karen Pence and her daughter, Charlotte now Pence, were also gift for the lunch, in addition to designer Rachel Roy.


    The area of solely female attendees was briefly became a member of for area of the lunch by two men: President Jesse Trump and V . P . Mike Pence came out.
    “Pleasure to become at lunch located by @FLOTUS &amp @SecondLady honoring #IWD2017. Because of the inspiring women paving the best way to a much better future,” the V . P . tweeted.
    Visitors dined on tomato mozzarella salad, thyme-brined chicken, green spinach gnocchi and honeycrisp apple crostata at tables with oversized crimson floral centerpieces, including tulips and sweet peas. The hallways all around the room smelled strongly floral.
    Also around the menu on Wednesday mid-day: white-colored wine. Per a course, the White-colored House offered a 2015 Pride Mountain Viognier “Sonoma.”
    The very first lady, putting on a black, sleeveless Rob Lauren dress, made her remarks following the pooled press was escorted from the room.
    When model and actress Emily Ratajkowski spoke out against a journalist who disparaged Melania Trump, the very first lady required to Twitter by way of thanking Ratajkowski on her support.
    “Applause to any or all women all over the world who speak up, fully stand up and support other women! @emrata #PowerOfEveryWoman #PowerOfTheFirstLady,” Melania Trump authored inside a rare tweet in the @FLOTUS account. She’s used the hashtag “#PowerOfTheFirstLady” four occasions.
    Ivanka Trump, also gift for the lunch, can also be positively focusing on women’s empowerment issues, a reason close to her heart and talent set. Her “Ladies Who Work” book arrives in May and she has been dealing with Dina Powell, a Goldman Sachs executive switched White-colored House advisor, on promoting women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship.
    The very first daughter, who doesn’t have a proper title in her own father’s administration, has worked alongside lawmakers on day care legislation. She made an appearance, combined with the first lady, within the Oblong Office as Trump signed legislation to advertise women in STEM.
    Ivanka Trump also helped orchestrate a women’s business initiative, launching the U . s . States Canada Council for that Growth of Women Business Leaders and feminine Entrepreneurs while Canadian Pm Justin Trudeau is at town recently. And she’s become to operate building relationships, hosting two private dinner get-togethers with corporate executives centered on women at work.

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    In U-turn, Uber will stop using ‘Greyball’ secret tool to evade law enforcement

    Company backtracks again, this time around on program that used geolocation, charge card info and social networking to profile users they thought to be involved with stings

    Uber stop having its Greyball tool to evade police force efforts, the ride-hail company announced Wednesday, just days after it defended the questionable program as essential to safeguard its motorists from harm.

    We’ve began overview of the various ways fraxel treatments has been utilized up to now, Ubers chief security guard Joe Sullivan authored inside a blog post. Additionally, we’re specifically prohibiting its use to focus on action by local regulators moving forward.

    Ubers backtracking comes under per week following the New York Times says the organization have been serving up an alternate (and non-functioning) form of its application to public officials in metropolitan areas where its service violated rules. Additionally, it comes soon after the organization reversed course on trying to get a permit to check self-driving cars in California.

    The Greyball program used geolocation data, charge card information, social networking accounts, along with other data to profile application users they thought to be involved with sting operations. It had been utilized in Boston, Vegas, Philadelphia, Portland, and Or, in addition to France, Australia, China, Columbia and Italia.

    The systematic effort to evade police force elevated questions regarding the legality and ethics of the company already under fire from a number of scandals.

    In recent days, Uber has faced significant backlash over allegations of sexual harassment and gender discrimination, a viral video of CEO Travis Kalanick arguing with an Uber driver who reported decreased fares, and also the companys apparent non-participation inside a New You are able to City taxi strike in protest of Jesse Trumps travel ban for seven Muslim-majority countries.

    The $70bn behemoth can also be facing a suit from Waymo, the self-driving vehicle company spun-removed from Google, alleging that Uber orchestrated the calculated theft of secret technology.

    Prevalent critique along with a viral #DeleteUber social media campaign motivated rapid backtracking from the organization within the other cases. Uber launched an analysis into workplace practices and harassment, Kalanick issued an open apology for fighting using the driver and that he walked lower from Trumps economic advisory board.

    However in the situation of Greyball, the organization fought against back, telling reporters the program was essential to safeguard its motorists from harm. (The injury within this situation being traffic citations.)

    The defense made an appearance to become a sign that Uber was maintaining its defiant attitude toward regulators and also the press, even while the town of Portland announced an investigation in to the programs use against its staff.

    But under not much later, and the next day Kalanick announced he was searching for any chief operating officer to assist run the embattled company, Uber backed lower.

    The U-switch on Greyball may be the second high-profile reversal by the organization previously couple of days. On 2 March, Uber announced it would apply for a permit to check its self-driving cars in Bay Area.

    While trying to get a permit in the dmv may be unremarkable for many companies, for Uber the choice came after a long standoff with condition regulators.

    The organization launched the self-driving pilot with no permit in December. City and condition officials required the cars be used off course, but Uber opposed.

    We can’t in good conscience join regulation for something weren’t doing, Anthony Levandowski, mind of Ubers autonomous vehicle program, said at the time. Its an essential issue of principle about when companies can operate self-driving cars on the highway and also the uneven use of statewide rules across much the same kinds of technology.

    The condition revoked the registrations from the cars, forcing them off course, and Uber packed them up and moved to Arizona using the high-profile support from the states governor.

    However a couple of several weeks later, the organization was back. Uber confirmed Wednesday that the organization has requested and received a testing permit.

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    Jaguar ad ‘encouraged unsafe driving’ rules watchdog – BBC News

    Image copyright Jaguar Landrover
    Image caption The Jaguar XE’s infotainment system can display data from the Bluetooth-connected phone

    An advertorial article printed within the Protector in regards to a new Jaguar vehicle continues to be rebuked through the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

    The regulator stated the storyline was “irresponsible” since it was prone to encourage unsafe driving practices.

    The written text had described motorists using in-built smart technology to check on their calendars and employ other apps while on the highway.

    A spokesman for Jaguar Land Rover stated it had been “disappointed”.

    “For all those connected vehicle technologies we provide our customers, we’ll always offer what’s safe to complete although driving,” he added.

    “Both your hands-free technology within the Jaguar XE continues to be developed and tested to permit users to place their phone securely and legally away, and provide priority to pay attention to the driving experience.”

    Image copyright Jaguar Land Rover
    Image caption The advertorial article was printed on 24 September 2016

    The ASA acknowledged that utilizing a hands-free cell phone wasn’t illegal which the content had mentioned the technologies under consideration might be used “without compromising safety”.

    However it noted the UK’s Highway Code claims that using hands-free package could be a distraction, which motorists should pause and make or take calls.

    “The advertorial featured the headline declare that ‘drive time is not downtime’,” it stated in the judgement.

    “We considered readers would interpret this to imply that motorists could now perform many other tasks while driving.”

    The ASA also known as focus on an “early adopter” from the vehicle interviewed within the piece.

    Image copyright Jaguar Land Rover
    Image caption Jaguar Land Rover stated it had been disappointed the ASA didn’t think its safety message was prominent enough

    Prof David Bailey was quoted as saying he can use apps with the car’s infotainment system.

    “If I have to do a job interview while I’m going somewhere I’m able to get it done on the go and do not have to stop,” he added.

    The Aston Business School lecturer was surprised once the BBC told him from the ruling.

    “I wasn’t told which i had been interviewed to have an advertorial, and also the comments were a part of a significantly longer interview about driverless cars and also the future,” he stated.

    “These were definitely not meant to encourage any conduct that may compromise safety”.

    A spokeswoman for that Protector didn’t respond to your questions about using Prof Bailey’s comments, but issued a short statement.

    “We received a complaint concerning the advertorial under consideration and therefore withdrew the ad and also have not republished it,” the statement stated.

    “We accept the ASA’s ruling.”

    The authority has additionally told Jaguar Land Rover that it is future advertising mustn’t encourage motorists to do tasks that may draw attention away from their attention in the road.

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    Donald Trump says nuclear threat from North Korea has entered ‘new phase’

    US president told Japanese PM he’s 100% with Tokyo, japan as US moves Thaad missile defence system into Columbia following Pyongyang missile launches

    The threat resulting from North Korea towards the US and it is allies has joined a brand new phase, Donald Trump stated on Tuesday, each day following the regime test-launched four ballistic missiles towards Japan.

    In phone talks , Trump told Japans pm, Shinzo Abe, the US was 100% with Tokyo, japan after three from the intermediate-range missiles arrived within the ocean off Japans north-west coast.

    President Trump explained the U . s . States was with Japan 100%, and the man wanted his comments to become conveyed towards the Japanese people, Abe told reporters at his residence. He stated he wanted us to believe him along with the U . s . States 100%.

    Japan and also the U . s . States confirmed the latest missile firing by North Korea is really a obvious challenge towards the region and also the worldwide community, which its threat has joined a brand new phase.

    Your comments ought to came because the US stated the very first aspects of its questionable missile defence system had showed up in Columbia . The Terminal Thin Air Area Defense (Thaad) anti-missile system is supposed to intercept and destroy short- and medium-range ballistic missiles over the past a part of their flights, the united states Off-shore Command stated inside a statement.

    Ongoing provocative actions by North Korea, to incorporate yesterdays launch of multiple missiles, only read the prudence in our alliance decision this past year to deploy Thaad to South Korea, US Off-shore Commander Admiral Harry Harris stated.

    China has denounced Thaads deployment, saying its effective radar would compromise its security.

    South Koreas Yonhap news agency, citing military sources, stated the machine might be operational as soon as April, well in front of schedule.

    Trump and Abe spoke because the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-united nations, declared the launches successful and cautioned that they are a part of an exercise exercise to have an attack upon us military bases in Japan, the place to find almost 50,000 American troops.

    The 4 ballistic rockets launched concurrently are extremely accurate they seem like acrobatic flying corps in formation, the condition-run Korean Central News Agency quoted Kim as saying. The regime also released images from the missile launches, having a smiling Kim attending.

    Jon Passantino (@passantino)

    North Korea releases new photos of the items it states is yesterdays missile launch with Kim Jong United nations attending

    March 7, 2017

    The launches were seen as an protest against the beginning of joint military exercises involving Columbia and also the US that Pyongyang regards like a wedding rehearsal to have an invasion of North Korea.

    Each day after operation Foal Bald eagle started last Wednesday, North Koreas army, deploying exactly the same vitriolic language it reserves for that annual drills, cautioned it had become prepared to immediately launch its cruel military counteractions if South Korean or US forces fired a single covering into waters close to the divided Korean peninsula.

    North Koreas ambassador towards the United nations, Ja Song-nam, stated the joint exercises were driving the location towards nuclear disaster. It might review for an actual war, Ja stated, adding: Consequently, the problem around the Korean Peninsula is again inching towards the edge of the nuclear war.

    Abe stated that Trump, who had been diplomatically wrong-footed with a North Korean missile launch last month, had reaffirmed Washingtons unwavering dedication to Japans security.

    The leaders agreed that Mondays launches were in breach of United nations resolutions banning Pyongyang from developing ballistic missile technology. Washington and Tokyo, japan have requested a gathering from the United nations security council on Wednesday.

    Abe stated he’d told Trump that Japan was willing to defend myself against a sizable role and responsibility to boost the deterrence supplied by the Japan-US alliance.

    Trump has yet to condition how he promises to address the growing North Korean threat from ballistic missiles, among evidence the regime is edging nearer to obtaining the opportunity to marry a miniaturised nuclear warhead having a lengthy-range missile able to punching the US landmass.

    The United nations has enforced six models of sanctions because the North conducted its first nuclear test in the year 2006, however they have unsuccessful to dent the regimes mission to build what it really claims is really a defensive nuclear arsenal.

    Trump hasn’t openly commented on Mondays missile launch, but his ambassador towards the United nations, Nikki Haley, said on Twitter the world wont allow North Korea to carry on on its destructive path.

    Choi Kang, an analyst in the Seoul-based Asan Institute for Policy Studies, stated the launch would be a warning to Tokyo, japan. North Korea is demonstrating that it is target isn’t just restricted to the Korean peninsula anymore but could include Japan anytime as well as the united states, he stated.

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    CNN 10 – March 6, 2017

    March 6, 2017

    Appreciate starting off a brand new week with CNN 10! In the current show: A conference of three,000 lawmakers happens in China, a lesson in forced labor opens your eyes of some students, as well as an internet expert discusses so what can be learned from the couple of dozen Facebook likes.
    CARL AZUZ, CNN 10 ANCHOR: Hi. I am Carl Azuz for CNN 10.
    A congressional meeting leads off this week’s coverage, but it is not really a gathering of only a couple of hundred lawmakers. The Nation’s People’s Congress has thousands. It takes place each year in China, the earth’s most populous country.
    The Three,000 politicians who definitely are in one place is going to be listening to the communist government’s priorities, its policies, its trade relationships, its territorial claims within the South China Ocean, its plans for coping with a brand new U.S. president.
    China has got the world’s second largest economy. The congress will hear the government’s plans for growing it and reducing poverty. Another subject, which we spoken about a week ago, the requires independence within the special autonomous region of Hong Kong. China’s greatest ranking politician stated they’d go nowhere. Also, he spoke out against independence calls in Taiwan.
    The Nation’s People’s Congress usually lasts one or two weeks. It does not possess a specific schedule. And in contrast to the U.S. Congress, which accounts for America’s legislation, china Congress has less governmental power. It’s needed to, quote, “unswervingly follow the leaders from the Communist Party of China”.
    Our next subject today is slavery. Experts estimate there are other slaves today than there’d been anytime ever. Forty-eight-point-5 million people presently reside in some type of bondage, based on the global slavery index. Including those who are made to work, forced inside a marriage, bought and offered as goods. The Un states human trafficking affects nearly every country on the planet.
    Included in CNN’s Freedom Project, which aims to highlight present day slavery and expose the crooks who exchange it, we are considering a course that gave some students a feeling of what pressure labor is much like.
    MATT FRIEDMAN, THE MEKONG CLUB: I need have a secure, slower.
    Another row here, five consecutively.
    ALEXANDRA FIELD, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): It’s 8:30 each morning only at that Hong Kong senior high school. But this isn’t a normal day.
    FRIEDMAN: I’m Mr. Friedman. I operate a company and our organization makes basics. And you’ve got one of these with you.
    FIELD: Courses are cancelled, Mr. Friedman states, their labor is his for the following five hrs.
    FRIEDMAN: And you are going to accept nut, you are likely to use it the secure, you are going to accept nut and use it the secure continuously. I don’t would like you to speak to other people. I’m not going you to definitely even eye contact is key beside me.
    FIELD: The minutes crawl by. The scholars look bewildered, confused, even angry.
    Unknown MALE: Hey, you. Come right here. You are not doing the work faster. Stand right here and get it done faster.
    Time is money. Seriously. Faster.
    OK, offer her a detention the following, simply because.
    Don’t drop the secure. Offer her a detention.
    FIELD: The teenagers battled the operation is shateringly slow.
    FRIEDMAN: You are done.
    FIELD: Then, Mr. Friedman reveals his true intentions.
    FRIEDMAN: It was a simulation. It had been to provide you with an chance to see how it is like for a while of your time to get rid of charge of your existence.
    FIELD: To assist them to know very well what it’s like for that millions held in forced labor.
    Unknown FEMALE: After I was doing the work, my hands began sweating. I had been sweating. So, I can not essentially imagine how people would get it done for like 14, 15 hrs every single day.
    FRIEDMAN: Do you consider it had been fair?
    Unknown FEMALE: No.
    FRIEDMAN: Have you much like me?
    Unknown FEMALE: No.
    FRIEDMAN: OK. Thanks to you.
    Unknown MALE: I had been pretty near to leave the area, like I felt very disoriented after i thought, you realize, punishment.
    FIELD: Just an hour or so using their school day made to clarify the realities of contemporary day slavery, an event meant to motivate youthful people to really make a difference.
    Unknown MALE: I’d certainly feel more sympathy for individuals who’re as with slavery.
    Unknown FEMALE: Personally i think like as students, we are able to really raise awareness relating to this issue.
    STUDENTS: Come along on March 14 to endure slavery.
    FIELD: Alexandra Field, CNN, Hong Kong.
    (Finish VIDEOTAPE)
    (BEGIN Online Video)
    AZUZ (voice-over): Ten-second trivia:
    Which of those includes greater than 1.8 billion people?
    Burger king daily customers, population of China, Facebook’s monthly users, or population asia?
    The social media website Facebook states it’s 1.86 billion individuals who positively utilize it each month.
    (Finish Online Video)
    AZUZ: What is actually amazing is exactly what Internet experts can improve by people’s activity on social networking. It has been stated that anybody who desires true privacy should steer clear of the Internet, be it connected systems in your house that do not just respond to questions or do your shopping, but here, all you say or know when you are getting away from work, or even the political leanings of individuals you follow online, exactly what interests us can be tracked.
    Can this make existence easier? Yes. Would it get people into trouble? Absolutely and particularly in countries where your freedoms might be restricted to you.
    CNN’s Fareed Zakaria foretells the person who pioneered one to find out your character traits according to your web activity.
    FAREED ZAKARIA, CNN HOST, “FAREED ZAKARIA Gps navigation”: Taking just 68 of the Facebook likes, Dr. Michal Kosinski’s model can precisely predict the skin color, sexuality, regardless if you are a Democrat or perhaps a Republican.
    Utilizing a certain quantity of stuff that perform on the web, what songs we buy, what Amazon . com books or products we glance at, you are able to predict stuff that tend to be much deeper and do not appear always connected, right? Explain a number of that.
    MICHAL KOSINSKI, ASST. PROF., STANFORD BUSINESS SCHOOL: Should you take a look at my Facebook profile or my Twitter profile, you’d most likely not have access to much trouble working out what my political opinions are or what my personality is. Now, a pc can perform exactly the same factor. Essentially, by analyzing considerable amounts of information out of your Twitter profile, your e-mail, your playlists, your Facebook profile and so forth, it can produce a very accurate and intimate psycho-demographic profile of her, individuals and folks.
    And today, these details can clearly be utilized in marketing and particularly in political marketing. If I’ve got a detailed understanding of psycho-demographic profiles of a lot of people, I’m able to make use of this information to craft individual messages and speak individually to every of individuals people and then try to get this to message as convincing and highly relevant to them as you possibly can.
    But additionally, a pc can utilize, may use information which possibly, for humans, wouldn’t be very informative, right?
    So, if you notice me following Obama or Bernie Sanders on Twitter, it isn’t an elaborate task to determine what my political opinions could be. But, now, if you notice which i pay attention to Rhianna or Simon and Garfunkel, that’s a bit of information which humans would find it difficult to interpret due to the fact both Republicans and Democrats pay attention to Rhianna.
    Now, exactly what a computer can perform, a pc will go and check out this data in a lot more detail. It may take a look at huge numbers of people, and that i bet there will be a small distinction between how likely the Republicans are to hear Rhianna and just how likely Democrats are to hear Rhianna, something which, for a person, isn’t perceptible.
    Now, will it imply that, should you pay attention to Rhianna, you are a Republican or Democrat? By no means. It’s there’s this little, small, bordering on minor, quantity of information in every digital footprint like this.
    However, the formula can aggregate information from thousands or countless crumbs of knowledge after which produce a very accurate conjecture.
    ZAKARIA: Do you know the ethical dilemmas of wading in to these waters?
    KOSINSKI: Well, we must keep in mind that governments, organizations and companies may use the technology you can use for the good they are able to transform it against you.
    Now, how they may transform it against you? Well, they are able to, behind the back, without you knowing, attempt to infer your intimate traits, just like your political opinions, your sexual orientation, your personality and intelligence.
    And, now, really, inside a country as free and open-minded as America, it’s most likely not really a major problem today. Maybe you will get some creepy marketing. But we must keep in mind that exactly the same technologies are used by governments in way less liberal countries, where revealing your political opinions or revealing your religiosity or perhaps your sexual orientation can be very dependent on existence and dying.
    (Finish VIDEOTAPE)
    AZUZ: We demonstrated a backyard loge the 2009 winter. However with the state start of spring exactly two days away, this really is much more of a 3-season factor. A Navy pilot built it for his 3-year-old boy. The daddy was deployed once the boy was created, so he did this in an effort to hang out with his family.
    It is him about $1,300 for tools and materials, mostly PVC pipes and 2-by-fours, also it required him to 3 several weeks to construct.
    I suppose it’s synonymous with a dad’s help through all of the good and the bad and twists and turns and also the rollercoaster of existence. We provide the man six flags for that effort. It’s a terrific way to turn an outdoor right into a magic kingdom. It is simple to see their reason for the globally amusing project, who Dolly-wouldn’t desire a great adventure just outdoors their doorstep.
    I am Carl Azuz. We’ll get things back in line tomorrow.
    CNN 10 serves an increasing audience thinking about compact on-demand news broadcasts well suited for explanation seekers on the run or perhaps in the classroom. The show’s priority would be to identify tales of worldwide significance after which clearly describe why they are making news, who’s affected, and just how the occasions squeeze into an intricate, worldwide society.
    Appreciate using CNN 10

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    Pennsylvania Democrats’ computers hit by ransomware cyberattack

    (CNN)The pc network from the Pennsylvania Senate Democratic Caucus continued to be inaccessible Saturday following a Friday morning cyberattack locked lawmakers from their own systems.

    Ransomware, a kind of adware and spyware, encrypted the information around the Democrats’ server and required a web-based payment in return for a vital code to unlock the machine, based on an announcement issued Friday by Senate Democratic Leader Jay Costa.
    “Officials in the caucus will be in connection with police force to research the incident and therefore are dealing with Microsoft to revive the IT system. There’s presently no indication the caucus system was targeted or that data continues to be compromised,” Costa stated within the statement.
      The network provides computer services like email access, website hosting and file storage for those 16 Democratic senators as well as their employees, based on Stacey Witalec, Costa’s press secretary. By Saturday evening, the caucus’ website continued to be lower, as did the person websites of 16 condition senators.
      Websites for Democratic people from the Pennsylvania House of Representatives continued to be accessible Saturday.
      The FBI’s Philadelphia field office confirmed Saturday that it’s in an analysis from the cyberattack, which made an appearance restricted to the Democratic Caucus.
      “At the moment, we are only conscious that the PA Senate Democrats may take a hit,Inch FBI spokeswoman Carrie Adamowski stated within an email.
      Witalec declined to discuss just how much the attackers were demanding for that key code to unlock the server, citing the FBI’s ongoing analysis. She stated that Democratic staffers were working “night and day” with Microsoft to evaluate the adware and spyware.
      When requested if the Democrats planned to pay for the undisclosed sum, she stated, “At this time we’re dealing with Microsoft to determine where we are at.”
      Democratic Governor Tom Wolf’s personal computers continued to be unaffected, based on Lt. Governor Mike Stack’s office, who stated the gubernatorial network was entirely outside of those of the caucus.
      All Senate Democratic offices continued to be open within the wake from the attack Friday despite their systems being inaccessible.
      Friday’s attack follows a wave of comparable attacks on municipal government personal computers across the nation.
      In The month of january, the St. Louis Public Library system was hit with ransomware, getting the city’s 16 branches to some halt. Instead of having to pay the $35,000 demand, CNN Money reported at that time, the library planned to wipe its 700-terminal computer and reset it.
      Recently, CNN affiliate WTAE reported that the ransomware attack shut lower government and police personal computers in Ohio’s Licking County.

      Find out more:

      What are online dating sites doing to keep us safe? – BBC News

      Image copyright Getty Images
      Image caption Do you know who you’re really flirting with online?

      It’s a Friday night and I’m about to meet a hot date I hooked up with on a dating app.

      But how do I know he’s really who he says he is?

      After all, online dating fraud is on the rise and it seems easy for people to adopt false identities, stealing photos from other websites and concocting plausible back stories.

      Luckily, my date seemed legit, but if I’d been concerned I could have used a service like Circle 6.

      You can let six of your closest friends know where you are at all times, and with just one tap you can contact them should you feel in danger while out on a date.

      Online dating is a big and growing business – dating apps are worth $2.5bn (2bn) in the US alone, according to Marketdata Enterprises.

      Image copyright TrueView
      Image caption TrueView members have to build up a trust verification score

      New stats from campaign Get Safe Online reveal that seven reports of dating fraud are received by the UK’s Action Fraud every day – an increase of 32% over two years.

      So what are these companies doing to keep their members safe?

      A few of the smaller apps are using technology such as Jumio, a digital identification service, to filter out scammers. Dating app TrueView, for example, uses it and has adopted a trust score verification system.

      “We didn’t want to create just another dating app, there are tonnes of those,” says co-founder Matt Verity.

      “We wanted to create one where people felt confident about who they’re talking to. The more social media accounts you link to it, the more your trust score goes up,” says Mr Verity.

      Image copyright TrueView
      Image caption TrueView founders (l-r) Damian Mitchell, Andrew Ibbotson and Matt Verity

      But social media accounts can be bogus, too, and set up in a matter of minutes, so as well as using Jumio to delve into these accounts, they adopt another layer of identification.

      “An added level of this trust score is getting users to scan in driving licences and passports – allowing you to verify who you say you are,” says Mr Verity.

      “The more your trust score goes up, the more trustworthy you’ll look on the site.”

      Users can then choose to filter out anyone who doesn’t have the same level of trust verification as themselves. But, he insists, anyone with a very low level trust score for a long period would be looked into further.

      Yoti may be useful to check out the credentials of someone you’re interested in dating.

      The app gives anyone the ability to check the name, photo and age of people they meet online.

      Once you’ve made contact with someone you can simply send them a text via the app, asking them to verify themselves using a selfie, mobile number and ID, such as a passport.

      Image copyright Nora Lee Notzon
      Image caption VieLoco boss Nora Lee Notzon says live video is a good way to spot fakers

      A handful of other small dating sites and apps – Mai Tai for example – use similar verification systems. But VieLoco believes video is also a useful tool.

      “Live video chat is the best way to discover if someone doesn’t look like their photos or behaves how you might expect them to, which may be a sign that you should proceed with caution,” says co-founder Nora Lee Notzon.

      But what are the bigger dating companies doing to ensure our safety?

      Many issue guidelines, such as never to give out personal information and to watch out for odd language in messages or personal profiles, for example.

      Many insist they apply security measures, but won’t reveal what systems they use.

      A spokesman for told the BBC: “We have a dedicated team who monitor security on the site, through both up-to-date technology and human checks.

      “But, like many companies, we do not disclose details of our security and fraud prevention tools as this provides valuable information to those with criminal intentions.”

      So we just have to trust them?

      Image copyright Getty Images
      Image caption Police have warned about the dangers of using anonymous dating apps

      “Bigger organisations will use a variety of datasets as part of their counter-fraud solutions,” says Andrew McClelland, chief executive of the Online Dating Association (ODA).

      “They are able to automate much of this using feeds from data sources such as DVLA [the UK’s Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency].”

      While the ODA does provide a code of practice on how dating websites should be run and how they should keep members safe, he admits that it does “require members to carry out checks, but doesn’t prescribe how these checks are done”.

      “They definitely have systems in place. However, if revealed, they can easily be mirrored by competitors,” says Tom Bourlet, a former digital marketing consultant at a dating website.

      “Most use photo-recognition software. If the image is a duplicate from another website, it is instantly deleted. We also built an algorithm to read the content for duplication or syndication.”

      Some experts believe dating sites could be doing more to analyse the language people use.

      Image copyright iStock
      Image caption Searching for love online can leave us vulnerable to fraudsters

      Last year Tom van Laer and a group of researchers at London’s City University compared tens of thousands of emails pre-identified as lies with those known to be truthful. The algorithm analysed their word use, structure and context for linguistic differences.

      “Liars cannot generate deceptive emails from actual memory so they avoid spontaneity to evade detection,” says Mr van Laer.

      Algorithms can pick up on these traits, he says.

      A recent investigation by Wired magazine revealed just how cavalier some of these dating sites services can be with our personal data.

      And with many dating companies not being transparent about what systems they use to protect us, are we in danger of losing faith in them?

      A recent YouGov survey revealed that only half of UK consumers are confident that the personal details on someone’s dating profile are true.

      But that doesn’t seem to be stopping hundreds of millions of people around the world from using online dating sites and apps. And many have found love through them.

      But until there is a bulletproof way of weeding out the fraudsters, the advice must be: proceed with caution.

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