Iris Motion Sensor: Tiny SmartThings Sensors Everywhere

Web-connected motion sensors enable all kinds of useful applications beyond the old-school security use-case. They can be used for serious tasks uses such as remotely monitoring your aging loved one and logging activity in your home/office or fun home automation tasks like automatically turning on the lights when you enter a room. To be practical, a motion sensor needs to be affordable, small, and easy to install – qualities that have been lacking in most motion sensors on the market to-date. The Iris Motion Sensor (model 3326-L) makes some serious improvements in each of these areas and just might be your new favorite sensor. Cost The Iris motion sensor costs $30 on Amazon as of the date of this writeup. This makes it one of the most affordable ZigBee motion sensors on the market. Gone are the days of the $50 motion sensor. Size The first thing you will notice about the Iris motion sensor is its size. It is tiny compared to the other motion sensors coming in at 1.6″ x 0.9″ x 1.7″. This makes it much easier to place on a shelf, door frame, or indiscreet location without being an eyesore. Comparing the size of the first and second generation SmartThings motion sensors with the …
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