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&ndash Friday!
&ndash When it’s 4pm and the boss tries to give you new work
&ndash When Chad says he wants it spicy
&ndash The smell of success
&ndash So someone outfitted because the Monopoly Guy towards the Equifax hearing Obligatory Simpsons reference
&ndash Note to self: Be like hippo
&ndash And this guy. Also be like this guy
&ndash I prefer to just stuff into my pockets and run
&ndash The most photogenic arrest of all time
&ndash Work hack
&ndash When you were a mime in your previous life
&ndash Plot twist: the guy above was a grammar nazi
&ndash I’m glad other people have these kind of thoughts too
&ndash Meanwhile, inside Medical Building 12345
&ndash Apparently I’ve been putting wrong my entire life
&ndash One of the stadiums for the upcoming World Cup in Russia didn’t have enough seats so they added this grandstand.. The view from the top
&ndash Pretty sure this plant is flipping me off
&ndash “Bro”, ‘what bro’, “tell the whole world that we’re bros”, ‘*whispers* we’re bros’, “why’d you whisper bro?”, ‘because you’re my whole world bro’, “b r o”
&ndash When you get all bashful in front of someone you like
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&ndash The Science Behind Mona Lisa’s Smile
&ndash What’s San Francisco Great Jerry Rice Doing Nowadays? Crashing Weddings
&ndash In Six Seconds, Giphy Could Make Billions
&ndash Google has built earbuds that translate 40 languages in real time
&ndash 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics Awarded to LIGO Black Hole Researchers
&ndash What’s the ultimate way to defy depression, disease and early death? Exercise
&ndash ‘Our minds can be hijacked’: the tech insiders who fear a smartphone dystopia
&ndash When Working From Home Doesn’t Work
&ndash The 2017 New Establishment List

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