Elon Musk Offers To Rebuild Puerto Rico Power Grid Using Renewable Energy

The ability grid in Puerto Rico has endured lots of damage from Hurricane Maria. The storm was devastating, and also the effects around the electricity grid could be seen from space.

Without power, communication continues to be difficult, hindering tries to get help to individuals who require it. Nearly three days later, most the area is&nbspstill without power. Rebuilding the ability grid is a struggle, regardless of how they decide to get it done.

Now offering his assistance, tech giant Elon Musk has recommended he could&nbsprebuild the Puerto Rico power company using alternative energy. Very quickly whatsoever, the Puerto Rico government has&nbsptaken him on his offer, and therefore are&nbsptalking to him about how exactly that will work.

Everything began when Twitter user Scott Stapf shared articles suggesting this is the time for Puerto Rico to re-think the way it will get its electricity, and requested Musk&nbspif he may help the area using his solar system.

Elon Musk responded offering his services when the Puerto Rican Government wanted them.

The Governor of Puerto Rico responded, asking to speak to Mr Musk about his offer.

The 2 then made intends to talk later on that day.

Elon Musk’s firm SolarCity this past year&nbsppowered a small island almost entirely using solar power. The area of Ta&lsquo&#363 and it is 600 residents have nearly 100 % of the energy provided with a solar energy plant composed of 5,328 solar power panels, connected to a microgrid of battery storage systems. The batteries there may be used to store energy for approximately 72 hours without Sun.

Puerto Rico is really a much wider challenge, with more than 3.4 million residents, but Musk’s firm has worked on a lot more ambitious methods to store energy, and Musk themself stated there’s no scalability limit somewhere. Presently, his firm is midway through building the world’s biggest battery around australia, which is accustomed to power&nbsparound 30,000 homes.

If Elon Musk were to try and power Puerto Rico using alternative energy, it might be an very ambitious project, only one that seems to achieve the support from the government there, in addition to people living around the island.

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