Finally! An Emoji That Expresses The Pain Of Getting Older And Realizing Youre The Adult In The Family

For the lazy texters available (you realize what you are!), emojis are lifesavers and super fun. And today, most abundant in recent iPhone update, we got such a cute little face you didn&rsquot know you possessed: an emoji that expresses the overwhelmingly empty sense of growing older and realizing you&rsquore the adult in the household! Okay!

Everyone knows that sense of seeing your folks withering away and realizing you will no longer possess a safety internet, which the 2 individuals who stored you safe all of your existence now depend for you for help. And lastly, we’ve it in emoji form!

Texting someone &ldquoI just recognized that I must make big existence decisions in my parents who’re old and decaying, an undesirable energy that makes me ponder my very own mortality&rdquo takes 152 keystrokes. Now? Just open your emojis, and also you&rsquore completed in a single click! Awesome!

You&rsquoll be saving a lot time with this particular fun lil&rsquo emoji, you&rsquoll have lots left to try and show your confused mother that you’re her child and never a house burglar! Continuing to keep the confused old man that you saw like a super hero becoming an adult from wandering out to the freeway? Which means you don&rsquot have enough time to text your buddies about how exactly painful it is to buy a firsthand preview of what’s going to occur to your mental ability in only 15-20 years. Only use this cute emoji!

Also it&rsquos not only for iPhone users! Should you&rsquore feeling just a little old-fashioned, you are able to type the emoticon in T9 word such as this:


Now, decide to get texting!

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