Samsung Knox For Smart TVs: How New Technology Protects Users

Samsung Electronics is bringing its mobile security solution, called Samsung Knox, to its Smart Televisions. At CES 2018, the South Korean tech giant showcased its revamped TVs that are secured by its brand-new security option.

“At Samsung, security is our leading priority in developing Smart TELEVISION technology,” Samsung Electronics President of Visual Display Organisation Jonghee Han stated in a news release.”We are dedicated to providing one of the most dependable security solutions on the market for our Smart TV users.”

According to the Galaxy S9 maker, its Samsung Knox for TV technology implements a hardware root of trust security architecture. Samsung is bringing this innovation to its Smart TV lineup for this year to make sure that its brand-new products have actually strengthened security against harmful attacks.

Samsung Knox for TV works in a comparable fashion as the mobile variation that comes pre-installed in the majority of the tech giant’s smart devices, tablets and wearables. It identifies harmful apps and removes them from the system to prevent hackers from taking information.

Samsung’s brand-new security solution for its TVs has actually already earned the approval of the industry. The company revealed at CES that its optimized Samsung Knox technology has actually gotten the Typical Criteria (CC) accreditation. This makes Samsung’s Smart TV series the first in the market to get such accreditation for three consecutive years. For those who are not conscious of exactly what CC is, it is generally a globally recognized accreditation system for computer security that is performed for federal government assessments.

Apart from Samsung Knox, Samsung Checkout– the business’s payment service for its Smart TVs– has actually likewise been certified by the Payment Card Market Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). This is another noteworthy accomplishment for Samsung given that it shows that its Smart Televisions’ payment service is safe. Therefore, customers will have nothing to fear when they acquire product or services directly from Samsung’s brand-new Televisions.

It’s likewise worth pointing out that Samsung has established a security software application with McAfee that has actually been in place given that in 2015. Called McAfee Security for TV, the brand-new security application provides an extra twofold defense and it is also shipping with Samsung’s brand-new Smart Televisions. McAfee is acknowledged as one of the world’s leading independent cybersecurity companies, so customers can rest ensured that what they are getting is a credible security software application specifically developed for the Samsung Smart TELEVISION.

Samsung TV < source srcset =" 1x" media=" (min-width: 481px)" > Samsung is bringing Samsung Knox to its Smart TVs.Photo: Reuters/Steve Marcus


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