All the Times North Korea Promised to Denuclearize

The nuclear summit between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has concluded, with each securing something they value. The US will suspend the joint military exercises with South Korea that rattle the Hermit Kingdom. And North Korea has promised to denuclearize. At some point. Probably. But if the past is any sort of prologue, you shouldn't hold your breath.

On the face of it, the agreement signed by Trump and Kim seems promising. “President Trump committed to provide security guarantees to the DPRK, and Chairman Kim Jong Un reaffirmed his firm and unwavering commitment to complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula,” the statement read.

But this is not the first time North Korea has promised to abandon its nuclear efforts. (In truth, even this was simply a reaffirmation of a denuclearization pledge Kim had already made in April.) Nor is it the second time, or the third. The offer has resurfaced over the past several decades with surprising regularity. And it has never panned out so far.

“There’s definitely a pattern where the North Koreans agree to denuclearize in theory, but then there’s not really a substantive process that they agree to, to actually hammer it out,” says James McKeon, a policy analyst at the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation.

'Any notion that we’re simply going to denuclearize North Korea now after the summit, or any time in the very near future, must be dispelled.'

James McKeon, Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation

Those failures don’t necessarily come down to bad faith, or at least not entirely. In fact, the 1994 Agreed Framework between the US and North Korea, in which the North gave up its plutonium enrichment in exchange for aid, resulted in a roughly eight-year stretch of calm. That eventually collapsed too, though, as North Korea’s pursuit of enriched uranium and the George W. Bush administration’s hawkish stance imploded the already shaky scaffolding.

But in general, North Korea uses denuclearization as a bargaining chip in times of desperation. “Usually they suffer some kind of internal crisis, and then start acting in a really threatening way to try to get people to give them stuff,” says Mieke Eoyang, a national security analyst for center-left think tank Third Way.

In this instance, Eoyang argues, Trump gave the longtime US adversary far too much. “It’s substantively worse than what any other president has done,” she says, noting that the joint exercises aren’t just for show. The US rotates troops in and out of South Korea every few years; training with local counterparts helps newly stationed units prepare for potential North Korean aggression.

In return for that real loss, the US gained the same promise North Korea has made since 1985, without a single specific about how to accomplish it. There’s no agreement on inspections. North Korea doesn’t have to declare the facilities it has, much less dismantle them, to say nothing of destroying actual warheads.

“It is much messier at the working level, particularly when it comes to verification,” says John Carl Baker, a political engagement specialist at Ploughshares Fund, a grantmaking foundation that focuses on denuclearization. “As an analyst, I’m skeptical that this is the time that it’s finally going to come together. I’m certainly skeptical of the fact that the North is going to completely denuclearize itself.”

Add to this uncertain stew the fact that Trump very recently tore up a nuclear inspection framework that was actually working in Iran, and it’s hard to see how or why North Korea would go through with a promise that it has broken time and again. Especially this time.

“It sent the the absolute wrong message,” says CACNP’s McKeon of scrapping the Iran deal. “Any notion that we’re simply going to denuclearize North Korea now after the summit, or any time in the very near future, must be dispelled.”

Some North Korea observers did strike hopeful notes; both McKeon and Baker think the summit was an important first step, however symbolic. And it was certainly an improvement over the overt nuclear threats of a few months ago. But this script has been written before, and always with the same ending. See for yourself (and for a more thorough dissection, check out the Arms Control Association’s comprehensive timeline):

What: Treaty on the Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons
When: December 12, 1985
What happened? North Korea signs onto this landmark treaty—190 countries are currently members—but makes its membership contingent on the US withdrawing nuclear weapons from South Korea, which doesn’t happen for several years, buying North Korea time to build its nuclear capabilities.

What: Joint Declaration of the Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula
When: January 20, 1992
What happened? North and South Korea sign an agreement that “the South and the North shall not test, manufacture, produce, receive, possess, store, deploy or use nuclear weapons.” In February of 1993, suspicion that North Korea is violating its commitments creates tension over inspections, leading to further delays.

What: Agreed Framework
When: October 21, 1994
What happened? North Korea promises to stop plutonium production in exchange for much-needed supplies. This mostly holds up until 2002, when the US discovers that North Korea has secretly been enriching uranium for nuclear weapons. By the end of that year, Kim Jong Il kicks out all international inspectors. On January 10, 2003, North Korea officially withdraws from the 1985 nonproliferation treaty.

What: Six-Party Talks
When: September 19, 2005
What happened? After several rounds of intense talks with South Korea, China, Japan, the US, and Russia, North Korea pledges to abandon “all nuclear weapons and existing nuclear programs.” The US and North Korea can’t agree on verification details, though, leading to increased hostilities.

What: Six-Party Talks (Again)
When: October 3, 2007
What happened? In a joint statement, North Korea agrees to declare all of its nuclear programs, shut down those affiliated with its weapons program, and not to transfer “nuclear materials, technology, or know-how.” Once again, stakeholders can’t agree on a verification process.

What: US Agreement
When: February 29, 2012
What happened? North Korea agrees to suspend nuclear tests and uranium enrichment, and said it will allow inspectors, in exchange for food aid. Two weeks later, North Korea announces plans to launch a satellite, which immediately unwinds the deal.

So yes, North Korea has gotten this far before. Trump and Kim haven’t forged any new ground. “The parallels are apparent in the similarities between this statement and many of the previous ones, such as those from the 1990s,” says Baker. “That’s very clear.”

The rest hinges on whether the two sides can iron out not just when North Korea will denuclearize, but how, and the manner in which the rest of the world can confirm it. Or maybe the more apt question is what happens when they don’t.

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agonizing years given that Larry and Diana Dean have seen their sweet child Dena.Dena was an

honor student and a member of the marching band at Webster High School in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with imagine becoming a lawyer. However when Dena turned sweet 16, the fan of auto-racing stopped going after cars and trucks and took a sharp turn toward boys.Dena’s parents

thought she was just dating kids her own age. What Larry and Diana didn’t know was their daughter had actually privately been seeing a brand-new guy.

“I don’t believe her moms and dads would have approved of him,” said Carey Goldman, friends with Dena since very first grade. “I believe her moms and dads would have simply sensed that possibly he was a little too old for her or wasn’t the kind of kid they wanted their daughter with.”

Did Dena tell you about her sweetheart?

“She told me that she was seeing this young boy called Michael, which she truly liked him,” stated Goldman.That boy’s name is Michael Converse. The 18-year-old worked as a checker at Marvin’s grocery shop, drove a red pickup, and was the kid of regional minister Robert Reverse, who preached from his living room.Carey says Michael had a credibility as a teenage Casanova,

and the report around town was he frequented a wooded area near his home called”Fans Lane.”Typically on Saturday nights in the summer, Dena would go to the auto racetrack after

her shift at Arby’s to meet her family. On June 6, 1998, Dena has a last-minute change of plans.”She told me that this boy wished to talk with her when he left work and she asked me if she could,”said Diana Dean.”Michael Converse.” Since Larry and Diana didn’t know Michael, they told Dena she might go, however she needed to remain in the car park of the grocery store where he worked.”She said’ I’ll see y’ all in the house, you know, 10:30 or 11, when you get home,’which’s the last interaction I had with her,”said Larry Dean.”There was no red flags at all,”said Diana Dean.But by 11 o’clock, the red flags were gusting. By midnight Larry and Diana were in a full panic. A phone call– but

it’s not from Dena. It’s one of her sweethearts. “We got a call about midnight stating our automobile remained in the parking lot however Dena was no place around,”stated Diana.Larry visit the

shopping center searching for responses, and his child. He discovers Dena’s automobile parked right in front of Marvin’s grocery store, where she

was supposed to satisfy Michael.Store invoices reveal Dena bought a few treats in the market. She went through Michael’s check-out, and after that strolled outside to make a call.”Who she was talking with, I have no idea,”said Larry Dean.But it’s what Larry discovered inside Dena’s car that had him horrified.” Opened, windows were down,”stated Larry.” Her wallet remained in the car and a leftover sandwich was

in the car, so we understood something was incorrect, “said Diana.Larry told Diana to call the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Department and instantly begins browsing

for his little woman.” Everyone thought she was a runaway however me,” said Larry.”I understood better, Dena wasn’t going to run away.”We drove around behind the shopping mall and examined all the Dumpsters to see if

she remained in among them, “said Larry.” Because Dena wouldn’t have escaped. She needed to have actually been abducted and taken.” However by whom? A witness in the parking lot informed polices she saw a girl fitting Dena’s description combating with someone in a red pickup truck.” A truck pulled up there and she was walking beside this truck and was screaming and screaming at the people in the truck, they were arguing,”said Larry.Because the parking lot is next to a significant highway, investigators instantly presume Dena’s been kidnapped, perhaps in a case of human-trafficking. “I believe she entered into the truck, not voluntarily,” stated Larry.But then a strange letter surface areas that takes Dena’s mother’s breath away.”Dena had told Michael that she was pregnant on Thursday night,”said Diana Dean.Dena Dean was your common teen, on the honor roll at school, working part-time at a local fast-food

location and dating several kids. One night, when she went to

meet one of those kids, she never ever came home.Just 2 days before Dena disappeared, Carey Goldman says, Dena struck her new partner Michael Reverse with the stunning news.” She told him that she was pregnant,”Goldman informs Criminal activity See Daily.A couple of days later on Dena informs some buddies that Michael wishes to meet up after work to discuss their future. Eyewitnesses say they saw somebody who looked like Dena in the parking lot having a heated conversation with two men in a red pickup

truck.”I understood him to have a red truck, “said Goldman.And after the truck sped off, Dena was no place to be discovered.

“Dena had actually told the boy she was pregnant on Thursday night. He wished to speak to

her when he got off Saturday, and she never came home,”said Dena’s mother Diana Dean.Tulsa County sheriff’s investigators located Michael Reverse searching for Dena, and answers. But they’re floored by exactly what the 18-year-old and his dad, the Reverend Robert Converse, both need to state.”They kept stating that Michael didn’t even understand Dena

, Michael had never ever been out with Dena,”stated Diana.In reality Michael Converse told private investigators he was bowling at the time Dena went missing, and deputies validated his alibi.So if it wasn’t Michael, who was in that red pickup in the car park, and where is Dena Dean? Investigators begin to wonder if she was carried off by a total complete stranger.”Because of the area she was at, they could not state that she hadn’t been abducted by somebody taking a trip,”stated Diana.Days pass.

Hopes of discovering Dena alive fade.” They concerned us on Thursday night, I guess it was, and told us they

wasn’t looking for Dena anymore. They was trying to find a body, “said Larry Dean.”‘If Dena was still here,

she would have called somebody.’ “Still, deputies cannot assist however wonder if Dena’s reported pregnancy is somehow connected to her disappearance, so they return to Michael and ask him to take a polygraph test.”They give him 2 lie-detector tests, and he failed both of them,”stated Larry.At this point, investigators

think Michael Converse is lying.

Police officers draw up a triangular search grid determining the last three places Michael was seen on the night Dena disappeared: the parking lot, the bowling alley and his home.”They stated ‘We’re gon na search in that location to find Dena.

She’s there someplace,’ “stated Larry.Tragically, investigators didn’t have to search long. In a remote area referred to as”Fans Lane, “they discover Dena’s body. She had actually remained in a field breaking down for 6 days. Dena’s body was so badly mutilated and decomposed that the medical inspector

could not determine how she died.But there is one thing the autopsy validates without a doubt: Dena Dean was not pregnant.She was just making it up. “Yes,”said Dena’s buddy Carey Goldman. Why do you believe?”I do not know. I want I knew, “Goldman said.Some friends say it was a twisted joke. Dena was upset Michael had actually been overlooking her and wished to teach him a lesson. Those friends likewise declare they composed Dena a note showing Michael was distressed, and she needed to tell him it was all a joke. They state Dena went to the parking area that night to let Michael know he ‘d been pranked. “Dena had played a terrible joke and lost her life for it,”said Goldman.The Tulsa County District Attorney now thinks it’s developed intention. The D.A. presents the case to a grand jury, but there’s not enough proof to indict anyone.For nearly two

years Dena Dean’s case remained ice

cold– but not anymore.Inside a”war room” within the Tulsa

County Sheriff’s Department

lies the country’s only known civilian cold-case

task force.” I formed a job force of retired Tulsa cops, FBI, DEA, ATF, I indicate a group of just outstanding individuals,”said Mike Huff, coordinator of the Tulsa Cold Case Task Force.And they’re not simply any people offering. Despite the fact that they’re retired, these are 22 of the finest in business, with more than 1,000 years of experience between them.

And please do not ever question their motivation. They aren’t paid for this.

“For the families, “stated detective Doc Shannon.And now the task force could be on the brink of offering Dena Dean’s household the answers they’ve been patiently waiting for, for almost 2 decades.Sixty brand-new witnesses paint

a very vivid image of exactly what happened the night Dena Dean went missing.How did she die?”Well, undoubtedly she left from Arby’s and after that she went to the Marvin’s grocery store and waited on this young man to obtain off work,”stated Mike Huff.Michael Converse got off work about 10 o’clock that night. Investigators can now confirm another person appeared at the grocery shop prior to Dena: the Reverend Robert Reverse.” His father appears about 9:40,”said Mike Huff. “Twenty minutes before she went missing, he revealed up at that store.” Why?”That’s a$64 question, “stated Huff.It’s exactly what the job force has now discovered about the reverend’s actions the early morning after Dena went missing out on that has sounded the loudest alarms.”The dad appeared

at the shop wanting his child’s time card of that night,

clocking out that night,”said Huff. “He likewise wanted the soda bottle, if it was readily available, in a trashcan where his kid ran a checkout lane.

That time card showed the exact minute he clocked out of work. The bottle, that’s readily available DNA.

“At first, the son and

the daddy were persons of interest.”Michael Converse stated that he did not fulfill Dena Dean after he left work, and Robert Converse said that he did

not have any interaction with Dena Dean the night that she vanished,”stated Doc Shannon.”They just lied about the entire scenario. Lied about seeing her, lied about a relationship

. It’s just remarkable,” stated Huff.Is it possible among them was the killer? The response might be in the autopsy report. There

was one injury to Dena’s face private investigators believe might fix the secret.”She had a damaged mandible,”said Huff.”It wasn’t just a fracture. It was a damaged jaw.”Oklahoma’s volunteer cold case task force claims it’s sitting on a hotbed of explosive brand-new evidence and inching closer to solving the 20-year mystery of exactly what occurred to 16-year-old Dena Dean.Twenty-two retired however highly proficient detectives have been chasing after Dena Dean’s killer. And now they’re informing Criminal activity Watch Daily that they have evidence and eyewitnesses to prove Dena’s partner Michael Converse, whom she went to satisfy the night she disappeared, might have

been involved.The task force claims he asked Dena to satisfy him in a car park once she informed him she was bring his child. However investigators state when Dena got here to inform Michael she wasn’t really pregnant, he wasn’t alone. The cold-case task force claims Michael’s father, Minister Robert Reverse, was also waiting.Michael and his dad have actually been named individuals of interest, but both have actually repeatedly preserved they’re innocent for the previous Twenty Years. Their fingerprints were not discovered at the criminal offense scene. But the task force declares there is a new way to look at the old evidence.

And now they think new technology could help discover Dena’s killer.The retired investigators re-run the old evidence.

One of the new tools is called familial DNA. When they re-test the DNA at the scene, they get a hit. It’s not Michael Reverse, or his daddy, however it is a member of the Converse family.Investigators now believe the minister’s sibling Steven Reverse is in some way involved. He has actually never been accuseded of anything in connection to Dena’s death. However deputies did serve a search warrant to get a sample of Steven’s DNA. When they appeared to gather that sample, deputies claim Steven Reverse made exactly what they call a” spontaneous utterance.””

There’s a term in the law called’ Res gestae,’ which indicates a spontaneous utterance,”stated investigator Doc Shannon.” And the uncle said something that we’re really pleased to hear. I’m not going to inform you what it was, however it was truly great. We have actually established witnesses who have stated that the uncle was complicit in the abduction and death of Dena Dean.”Crime Watch Daily attempted to reach Steven Reverse for remark but might not find him. Investigators state the old evidence could likewise expose an entire new idea regarding who discarded Dena because field. They think retesting Dena’s clothing with brand new innovation might reveal 20-year-old fingerprints.All 3 Converse men continue to keep they had absolutely nothing to do with Dena Dean’s disappearance, or her death. We desired to offer them an opportunity to inform their side of the story.Michael Converse didn’t answer the door at this home. So next we headed to Minister Robert Converse’s house. But as we turned onto his street we were stopped dead in our tracks. While we remained in Robert Reverse’s area to go to his home down the street to speak with him about exactly what he understands about Dena’s murder when the constable’s department interceded and asked us to pull away so they could serve a search warrant It ends up soon after our interview with the cold-case task force, Tulsa County Sheriff’s deputies headed to Robert Converse’s house with a new DNA search warrant.”We’ve consulted with the D.A. We are placing ourselves to prepared this for prosecution,”said Mike Huff. “So we are marching downfield and we’re getting ourselves prepared for success. I feel actually strong that this is going to see the within a courtroom.” In the meantime, Diana and Larry Dean wait for the day they lastly get justice for

their little woman. “I’m looking for justice which’s all,”said Larry Dean.”I just wish to hear that judge say ‘Guilty,’then it’s all gone, the pressure, the unhappiness, whatever is over with. Yes, I’m still going to remember Dena, I’m still going to put the flowers out at the cemetery, however that Twenty Years of fighting

will be over with.”Investigators inform Criminal offense Watch Daily they are waiting on a few key tests to come back but that they think an arrest or a number of arrests are near.


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    In mid-December, Phoenix authorities arrested Cooksey for presumably killing his mom and step-father. While he was in jail, detectives were still examining seven other unsolved murders, all which took place between Thanksgiving and Christmas in the surrounding area.

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    Sifting through seemingly identical medical images without losing focus is hard. Even the most dedicated healthcare professionals are only human (and probably coming off a 14-hour shift), and humans make mistakes. But machines can sort through images without a problem. They can even teach themselves to identify cancerous tumors in mammograms.


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