New technology assists local college student see clearly for the very first time

Nick Flores states seeing is a present.

“It resembles awakening and one day simply remaining in a various world,” Nick said.A simple walk through campus never ever looked so incredible for this 23-year-old trainee.

“I’m very thankful,” Nick said. “A great deal of emotions going on inside and simply being able to actually see the color and the information. Small details of like the water fountain, the leaves and the lawn. I mean simply the little things.”

“I pretty much see the world sort of like in a blur,” Nick said. “A little frightening sometimes.”

“eSight has actually just opened up a whole new world,” Nick said.Jack Bane is one

of Nick’s friends and practically can’t believe how eSight has actually changed Nick’s life.”I can’t even explain it,”Jack stated.” It’s simply. It’s crazy.”

They randomly fulfilled one night on their way to bible research study near school.

“I truly didn’t understand where to go,” Jack said. “It was my opening night going to that church.”

Ironically, Nick, who is legally blind, showed Jack where to go. They’ve been fast pals ever given that when eSight welcomed Nick to check a set of brand-new high tech glasses in Dallas Nick required a trip.

“He stated like, ‘would you want to take me up there’ and I stated ‘sure’,” Jack said.Nick will see clearly for the very first time in his life.”Nick was a little bit worried at

first I believe,”Jack said.That anxiety turned to happiness and an overwhelming

feeling as Nick saw Jack’s face plainly and in information for the extremely first time. “When I put the glasses on and I looked across the room he had this huge smile on his face,”Nick said.Jack believes Nick was shocked. “He simply sat here and simply kinda lookinged at me for probably 10 seconds without stating anything

,”Jack said.” Simply looking. I could inform it was sort of a shock for him to like in fact see my face for the very first time. “”That was um, extraordinary,”Nick stated with emotion.”I was like wow.”Jeffrey Fenton is eSight’s director of outreach.”It’s been really unique being familiar with nick, “Fenton said.”

Everyone is worthy of to see.”He says,”Everybody is worthy of to see

“is eSight’s motto.Fenton says the system works with a camera headset and a special prescription lens frame. The glasses clip on to the gadget.

They are type of like a super computer for the eyes.The headset is connected to a controller and lets Nick zoom in and out and control contrast and color settings.The video signal is then transmitted back to the headset and is displayed on LED screens in front of Nick’s eyes.Nick says you can call it fate or divine intervention.

Nick states his faith in God tells him perhaps that random meeting with Jack and his desire to drive him to Dallas to fulfill with eSight was not so random. Maybe it was indicated to be. “It appeared like a coincidence but I really do not think it was a coincidence at all,”Jack stated.”I think God put us together for a reason. It was a wonder an absolute miracle.

“Nick says he’s been dreaming of this day because he was a kid and now his world is crystal clear.Nick Flores says seeing is a present. “It resembles getting up and one day just being in a different world,”

Nick stated. A basic walk through campus never looked so magnificent for this 23-year-old trainee.

(CBS Austin )



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