Blinded by the Artificial Light. How New Technology Is Pooping Out Peepers, Causing a Variety of Health Issues, and Wrecking The Environment.

By B.N. Frank

Blue light from digital screens, flat-screen TVs, Fluorescent (CFL) and LED light bulbs are triggering a wide range of Is Amazon About to Shock Bitcoin Investors?According to some researchers, the next huge thingin light contamination is”The Race for 5G”which involves setting up hundreds of thousands of small cell towers in front of houses and practically everywhere else. Thehuman eye cannot see them, the waves are a crucial part of the electro-magnetic spectrum that radio astronomers use to study the universe.

Now wireless communications business are poised to fill this part of the spectrum with more human-generated noise. The real number one [threat to radio astronomy] these days is the advent of 5G.( Source) Increasing light contamination is including to the rapidly increasing amount of electrical contamination(Electrosmog)which is simply as damaging as other sources of contamination already being passionately addressed by lots of environmentalists.Isn’t it time to stop turning a blind eye to light contamination before it gets any worse.For more details, check out the following sites: Free ebook The best ways to Make It Through the Task Automation Armageddon Free ebook Ways to Get Started with Bitcoin: Quick and Easy Novice’s Guide Activist Post Daily

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