Opelika schools bringing brand-new innovation to the class

Opelika schools bringing brand-new technology to the class

Opelika City Schools students return to class on Monday, and Google Expedition Kits being brought into the classroom is a reason to drop the back to school blues. (Source: WSFA 12 News) Opelika City Schools trainees go back to class on Monday, and Google Exploration Kits being brought into the class is a reason to drop the back to school blues. (Source: WSFA 12 News) OPELIKA, AL (WSFA)-Opelika City Schools trainees are less than 24 hours far from the beginning of the school year, and Google Exploration Kits being brought into the class is a factor to drop the back to school blues.”We’re going really huge with virtual reality this year, which is kinda the greatest addition that we have. We’re getting these kids to experience some of the immersive truth that will assist them understand some of the material that they find out in the classroom. Each school right now has one set, and some schools have more than on set depending upon the funds they’ve had to buy them there, however it’s a set that has 30 gadgets, so it’s a package that will cover a complete classroom. At the grade schools where you have smaller class sizes you can actually divide the kit up and cover two classrooms at one time,” stated Opelika Schools District Technology Organizer, Stacy Royster.Each set playings around$10,000, but school authorities state that it’s well worth the cost. “It’s a substantial and lofty cost to pay for

a school system however so worth it. Everyone is attempting to determine, how do we get kids these experiences they don’t have so that they can comprehend the content we are attempting to teach them. It’s a lot simpler to teach a kid an oceanography unit if they’ve actually been to the beach. For kids that have never ever been to the beach, we can take them there in virtual reality so that when we’re teaching them about ocean scenes and what’s inside of the ocean, it’ll really make more sense to them,”stated Royster.The Opelika City School system is likewise wrapping up their one-to-one initiative. Each student grades three through 12 will be appointed a Google ChromeBook.Opelika City Schools student return to class on Monday.



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