Funny Grannies Attempt New Technology

There is absolutely nothing better than seeing those of us who are no longer spring chickens handle the brand-new technology of today. There is constantly a finding out curve, however often that learning curve causes a great laugh for everyone included. Well that was simply the case with these 2 brave grannies!credit: youtube.com 84-year-old Ann fearlessly accepted a deal from her grandson

Eoin to experiment with a brand brand-new electrical automobile. However that wasn’t the only difficulty, Ann had actually never ever driven an automatic cars and truck before. You can inform this sweet granny is a little anxious to drive this exciting new vehicle. And when she got in an only saw 2 pedals on the flooring she got additional confused. Without a clutch, Ann could not keep in mind which pedal was the brake. And at that point it appeared like Eoin was getting a little anxious too. However the 2 soldiered on. And needless to say this was one funny driving experience. credit: youtube.com It appears like as soon as she mastered it Ann was having a blast, and she even recommends the cars and truck. By far the best part was at the end when Ann offered to do the test drive again in a bikini to make things more interesting next time. I simply about fell out of my chair I was chuckling so hard! credit: twitter.com Take a look at this hilarious girl! 81-year-old Flo Hrutkay chose to attempt her hand at virtual reality. And she is a braver female than I, I attempted ones of these virtual

truth things and I was all dizzy after about 15 seconds! I got the virtual truth Jedi Challege for Christmas and my grandmother desired to play. Please enjoy her battling Darth Maul pic.twitter.com/6a7rkAIqKH -Heather Hrutkay (@Hrutkayyy)< a href ="https://twitter.com/Hrutkayyy/status/945424602439831554?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw"> December 25, 2017 Well Flo’s granddaughter Heather had actually simply gotten the Star Wars Jedi Obstacle and decided to let her granny give it a try. As soon as you put on the headset

you have to fight Star Wars bad-guy Darth Maul with a lightsaber. credit: twitter.com Well Flo is a genuine fighter and enjoying her fight her heart out makes certain to provide you an excellent chuckle! These women are so fun, and I really hope I am just as willing to give the brand-new technology a try when I am their age!

ENJOY: Hilarious Grannies Try New Technology



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