How New Technology Helped This Gala Raise $7 Million

Charity: Water’s Charity: Ball

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Charity: Water, a nonprofit company that supplies drinking water to people in developing countries, has a track record for using technology to construct an emotional connection in between donors and recipients.

At past galas in New york city, visitors experienced activations like a virtual-reality film depicting a girl drinking tidy water for the very first time, plus a video-matching program that linked eventgoers with similar people in a village without clean water. (For example, an American couple wed for twenty years would be “matched” via iPad with an Ethiopian couple wed for 20 years).

For its very first West Coast gala on December 1, called Charity: Ball and held at < a href ="https://www.bizbash.com/the-armory-events-center/san-francisco/listing/928554" > the Armory in San Francisco, the nonprofit upped the tech ante by surrounding the evening’s 522 dinner guests with a 40,000-pound, 360-degree video experience, plus a custom app and personalized iPads that allowed for easy, real-time donations. The moving video, produced by Canadian director Drew Lightfoot and Bodega Studios, recorded an Ethiopian woman’s everyday trek for water

.”We crafted the images of a female’s mission for drinking water into an impactful story that influenced guests to contribute $7 million in assistance of tidy water for over 100,000 individuals in Ethiopia and beyond,” described Elle Chan, co-founder and executive producer of Immersive offered additional audiovisual support.Another technical highlight of the evening was the custom-made app from All of it Now. The outcome of 3 months of work from innovative director Howard Wong and his group, the fund-raising app powered 11 futuristic “giving moments” throughout the occasion, such as graphics and details about rigs that can dig wells. Every seat at the gala was equipped with an iPad pre-loaded with the seatholder’s details. The iPads were controlled by a bank of laptops, which were networking with 10 on-site servers.At each of the giving minutes, 522 iPads flashed to life, concurrently prompting attendees to contribute. By tapping the screen, donors could promise loan, the totals of which would be shown in genuine time with animated graphics on the halo.Creating the movie was no small feat, either. Lightfoot and his group took a trip to Ethiopia to document a regional woman’s everyday journey for water with 360-degree cameras.”I hadn’t seen any of these areas, so I had no idea what my team and I were entering into, “Lightfoot described. Eventually, the group had to trek with their equipment to get the footage they needed and discover concealing spots behind rocks and trees to prevent ruining the shots. To match the walk video footage, Lightfoot and Bodega also filmed interviews with Ethiopian females detailing their everyday struggles to obtain water. Over the last 12 years, Charity: Water has actually operated in 28 nations to bring clean water to 8.5

million individuals, according to founder Scott Harrison. Click through the slide show to see inside this year’s technology-rich advantage, which raised a record-breaking quantity of loan to continue fixing the clean water crisis.



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