Helmets just got new innovation to secure your brains

Traumatic brain injury, or TBI, has been a significant concern in the War on Fear. These injuries are severe and can have an enduring impact. Present helmets, while efficient versus some combat hazards, such as fragments and, sometimes, bullets, aren’& rsquo; t so great at avoiding TBI.A Swedish company, MIPS, has actually established a helmet technology called the Brain Security System. This innovation, which belongs to their MIPS: F2 option, helps safeguard the user from TBI and concussions by mitigating the impacts of rotational motion.The business

claims that a person factor helmets haven’& rsquo; t protected troops from concussions or TBI is due to the fact that they’& rsquo; re evaluated all wrong.Most helmets have actually been evaluated for falls like the one on the left.(Image from mipsprotection.com) The majority of companies evaluate their helmets by

dropping them on a flat surface area in a perfectly vertical style, but when people fall, how typically does it take place like that? We & rsquo; re going to wager it & rsquo; s seldom. Falls are anything but predictable, and those odd angles and impacts are what cause rotational movement, which is conducive to TBI.To prevent that movement, the Brain Protection System uses a

low-friction layer in between the liner and the external shell that allows the helmet to slide, allowing it to absorb more rotational force.TBI results. (Image from mipsprotection.com )MIPS doesn & rsquo; t typically make helmets for the military. Instead, their specialized is helmets

for snow sports, where TBI and concussions prevail. However, the applications for both police officers and military workers are apparent. & ldquo; With the MIPS: F2 system, we can not only expand that innovation into more sports helmet models, but likewise we can assist protect those who put their lives on the line to secure our communities every day, & rdquo; Jordan Thiel, CEO of MIPS said in a release.Pfc. James Freed, of Odon, Ind., indicates the exit hole a bullet made through his” helmet when a sniper assaulted him while on patrol in

the Sadr City area in June. & ldquo; I got shot in the head and left. & rdquo; Just the length of time it will consider this innovation to be completely fielded is a matter of spending plans, however anything that decreases the number of TBI and concussions is a good idea.



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