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‘Masculine culture’ is why some STEM fields have fewer women than others

Students create video games during a “Girls Who Code” class in Panama City, Florida, Oct. 30, 2015.
Image: Heather Leiphart/News Herald via AP

Imagine the most extreme stereotypes about computer scientists: They’re socially awkward indoor kids. They have an obsessive focus on technology and a closet full of rumpled hoodies.

They’re male.

Cultural perceptions about who is a computer scientist or an engineer or a physicist are a big reason why women are still underrepresented in certain science, engineering, technology and mathematics (STEM) fields, according to researchers at the University of Washington in Seattle.

“The assumptions about what it takes to be a good computer scientist or engineer are very narrow,” said Sapna Cheryan, a UW psychology professor and lead author of a study published this week in the journal Psychological Bulletin.

“If you have narrow stereotypes, then it’s going to end up attracting a more narrow band of people, including a narrow band of men,” she told Mashable.

Cheryan said her research team wanted to understand why some STEM fields had made progress in closing the gender gap, while others remained largely dominated by men.

A biologist puts blood on iron plates in a lab testing genetically modified mosquitoes in Campinas, Brazil, Feb. 11, 2016.

Image: Victor Moriyama/Getty Images

The researchers analyzed more than 1,200 papers on the topic, with a particular focus on the six STEM fields with the most undergraduate degrees: biology, chemistry and math which have the highest share of female participation and computer science, engineering and physics, which have the widest gender gaps.

“People talk about women’s underrepresentation in STEM overall, but if you look at the data, it’s really more complicated than that,” Cheryan said.

For instance, women earn more than half of U.S. undergraduate degrees in biology, chemistry and math, the National Science Foundation found in a 2014 study. Yet women earn less than 20 percent of degrees in computer science, engineering and physics.

The UW literature review adds to a growing public debate about how schools and companies can encourage more women to pursue STEM fields while also ensuring women have equal opportunities as men to hold leadership positions and advance their research.

The study also comes as the scientific community is slowly opening up about the sexual harassment and abuse that has long plagued male-dominated fields, particularly astronomy.

Mashable previously reported that the rise of blogs and other digital outlets are making it easier for women to communicate more efficiently and powerfully about their experiences with everything from demeaning remarks and inappropriate comments to unwanted sexual conduct.

Cheryan and her research team did not address sexual harassment in their Oct. 12 study, but they did identify the “masculine culture” as one of three key reasons why women are discouraged from participating in computer science, engineering and physics.

Stereotypes about “brogrammers” and computer geeks fall under this umbrella, as do beliefs that women simply aren’t as good as men in these fields. A relative lack of female leaders in the fields, and a dearth of pop culture icons to serve as role models, help to reinforce these oversimplified and inaccurate ideas.

“These assumptions about the fields signal to men that they belong, more than it signals to women they belong there,” Cheryan said in an interview.

Jen Goldbeck, a computer scientist and professor at the University of Maryland, said in her own experience, this masculine environment helps to foster doubt about women’s abilities or intelligence.

“Because there are so few of us, if one woman struggles with something or makes a mistake, some guys will presume that all women are like that (even if there are guys who struggle more),” she told Mashable in an email.

She shared the following XKCD webcomic, which she said speaks to life as a female computer scientist.


“On top of that, many men in CS [computer science] don’t think there is a problem; they think we make things up, read too much into derogatory comments (“it has nothing to do with gender”), or are oversensitive,” Goldbeck added.

“That means no one will tell the offenders to knock it off, and there aren’t a lot of female faculty to turn to.”

“It can be a really exhausting experience, so a lot of smart, talented women find themselves more welcome in math or biology,” she said.

People can only change so much, especially when their society is constraining them

The UW study also found that certain STEM fields have a wider gender gap because of students’ inexperience in those subjects prior to entering college.

Fewer U.S. high school students have experience in computer science, engineering or physics prior to college, which means they largely rely on those masculine stereotypes to shape their understandings of the field.

“If the culture is masculine, and telling you the people who would be good at these fields are men, it will be harder for you to even put that on the table,” Cheryan said.

When it comes to biology, chemistry and math, however, most high schoolers are required to take courses in those areas, giving students an earlier experience of diversity in those fields.

The third reason for the lopsided gender gap, according to the UW study, is that women generally tend to underestimate their abilities in computer science, engineering and physics.

Men, on the other hand, tend to overestimate their skills.

Nilanjana Dasgupta, a professor of psychological and brain sciences at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, has explored this confidence gap in her own research.

In one study, Dasgupta and her colleagues followed 15 entry-level calculus classes during a semester, with seven classes taught by a female professor.

They found that women outperformed men across the board in their final grades. But female students were less confident they would get a good grade, and showed less interest in the class, if their professor was male. Male students were less influenced by their professor’s gender.

“Clearly the ability is not the issue,” Dasgupta said in a campus talk in April that was covered by the Daily Collegian. “Confidence is the issue.” Dasgupta was not involved in the new research.

Cheryan said the UW research shows the need to develop a more inclusive culture in STEM fields, whether by developing “subcultures” that make girls feel they belong or working with professors and students to counteract negative stereotypes about women’s abilities.

The UW professor said this approach differed from the ongoing attempts to simply stoke women’s interest in STEM and draw them into computer sciences or engineering.

“People can only change so much, especially when their society is constraining them,” she said.

“Rather than making women change, it’s more fair and just and better for the field if they have more welcoming cultures.”

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Us, S. Korea Say Latest N. Korea Missile Launch Fails

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un  (AP)

South Korea and the U.S. said Sunday that the latest missile launch by North Korea ended in a failure after the projectile exploded soon after liftoff.

The South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a statement that the military believes the North unsuccessfully attempted to fire a mid-range Musudan missile.

It said the failed launch was made near an airport in the North’s North Pyongan province.South Korea strongly condemns the launch because it violates U.N. Security Council resolutions that bans any ballistic activities by North Korea, the statement said.

The U.S. military first reported the launch was attempted at 11:33 p.m. EDT Friday (12:03 p.m. Saturday local time) and that the missile didn’t pose a threat to North America. The action brought harsh criticism from the U.S.

“We strongly condemn this and North Korea’s other recent missile tests, which violate U.N. Security Council Resolutions explicitly prohibiting North Korea’s launches using ballistic missile technology,” said Cmdr. Gary Ross, a Pentagon spokesman. He said the U.S. would raise concerns at the U.N.

“Our commitment to the defense of our allies, including the Republic of Korea and Japan, in the face of these threats, is ironclad,” Ross said. “We remain prepared to defend ourselves and our allies from any attack or provocation.”

North Korea has claimed technical breakthroughs in its goal of developing a long-range nuclear missile capable of reaching the continental United States. South Korean defense officials have said the North doesn’t yet have such a weapon.

It’s the latest in a series of moves by North Korea aimed apparently at displaying a show of force. As recently as last month, it fired three ballistic missiles off its east coast, timed to get the attention of world leaders including President Barack Obama who were visiting the region for a series of summits.

The U.N. Security Council subsequently condemned those North Korean launches and threatened “further significant measures” if it refused to stop its nuclear and missile tests.North Korea also conducted its fifth nuclear test last month and in all has launched more than 20 ballistic missiles this year, part of its program aimed at improving the delivery system for nuclear weapons.

Earlier this year, North Korea successfully launched a Musudan missile in June after several failed attempts.Obama has vowed to work with the United Nations to tighten sanctions against North Korea, but has also said that the U.S. was still open to dialogue if the government changes course.

The U.S. strategy has largely centered on trying to get China, North Korea’s traditional ally, to use its influence to persuade the North to change course.

North Korea is continuing missile test launches even as the United Nations Security Council is deliberating a further tightening of sanctions after the September nuclear test.

Previously in August, Japanese and South Korean officials said a medium-range ballistic missile flew about 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) and landed near Japan’s territorial waters.

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Will the ‘Apprentice’ tapes remain secret?

(CNN)The presidential campaign has been jolted by the leak of a tape from the show “Access Hollywood” that caught Donald Trump bragging about his ability to kiss and grope women at will. Since he spent years as the star of “The Apprentice,” the question has arisen of whether that show has tapes that could affect the course of the election and if there are legal constraints that would prevent their release.

On October 3, the Associated Press reported on interviews with people who were associated with “The Apprentice” and claimed “Donald Trump repeatedly demeaned women with sexist language” and “said he rated female contestants by the size of their breasts and talked about which ones he’d like to have sex with.”
    After much speculation about tapes, “Apprentice” producer Mark Burnett and his company’s owner, MGM, went so far as to issue a joint statement this week: “Mark Burnett does not have the ability nor the right to release footage or other material from ‘The Apprentice.’ Various contractual and legal requirements also restrict MGM’s ability to release such material.”
    That argument didn’t sit well with Barry Diller, the media entrepreneur, who backs Hillary Clinton. Diller told Politico, “There are no legal obligations. To who? For what? …They own the copyright. They can do whatever they want with it.”


    Phrases like “confidential” or “secret” are thrown around offices and companies as if their invocation alone will ward off prying eyes. To a court, these are just words. A court has the power to open up the books and the vaults of even the most secretive companies; all it needs is a case, and someone — or something — or some prosecutor — willing to bring it.
    The dilemma facing MGM and Burnett illustrates a modern concern for companies. Technology has allowed us to keep an unprecedented volume of records, video and otherwise. However, the fact that we are all just a lawsuit away from having to hand over incredibly sensitive and damaging information encourages a Snapchat approach: companies have every incentive to delete or “lose” records as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the safest company from the reach of discovery is the company with the fewest records, and the fewest scruples.

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    Fateful night: a young woman is dead, her Tinder date charged with murder

    New Zealand tourist Warriena Wright met up with Gable Tostee in fun-loving Surfers Paradise. A few hours later she plunged 14 storeys to her death

    Warriena Wright was visiting the Gold Coast in Australia when she matched on Tinder with Gable Tostee. They met up in the popular tourist nightspot of Surfers Paradise on a Thursday night and bought a six-pack of beer after spending a few minutes in a pub.

    By the end of the date Wright was dead, having plunged 14 storeys from the balcony of Tostees apartment, and two years later he is on trial in Queenslands supreme court charged with her murder.

    The case centres around a 199-minute mobile recording made by Tostee which captured the fractious and ultimately fatal course of the pairs evening together, including the moment Wright fell to her death.

    It is the key piece of evidence in the supreme court trial of Tostee, 30, who was standing on the other side of a locked glass door the moment Wright fell.

    And the recording is cited by the crown as demonstration of his guilt, and by the defence as vindication of his innocence.

    The pair had met that night, 7 August 2014, after making contact via Tinder a week earlier.

    Wright, 26, from New Zealand, was in Australia to attend a friends wedding as part of a two-week vacation that included skydiving and a room in a hotel in Surfers Paradise, near where Tostee lived.

    CCTV shown to the court captured their meeting on Cavill Avenue in Surfers Paradise, where they exchanged a hug.

    They went to a pub but stayed only a few minutes before deciding to head back to Tostees apartment nearby, stopping at a bottle shop to buy a six-pack of beer.

    Inside the apartment, Tostee says they later had sex in his bed.

    Warriena Wright and Gable Tostee pose for photos together on the balcony of his 14th floor Surfers Paradise apartment. Photograph: Supplied

    They then went out to his balcony where they posed for photos together, Wright pulling faces, Tostee standing beside her bare-chested.

    Wrights last contact with family was a Facebook message to a sister, in which she reports having found a man who was the Australian answer to Sam Winchester, the Supernatural TV actor.

    At 1am on 8 October, unbeknown to Wright, Tostee pressed record on a mobile phone in his pocket. He wouldnt turn it off until 199 minutes later. By then Wright was dead.

    Tostee, having left the building via a basement carpark but still apparently unaware of her fate as police milled around the building, had called his father who urged him to contact a leading criminal lawyer. He had then eaten a pizza.

    The crown case is that Tostee, who had locked Wright out on the balcony after their night had deteriorated into verbal and physical altercations, had left Wright in such a state of fear and intimidation that she felt compelled to flee.

    When Wrights attempt to climb down from the balcony went horribly awry, Tostee was thus responsible for her death, the prosecution contends.

    The prosecutor, Glen Cash, told the court in his opening address that at the very least Tostee meant to cause Wright grievous bodily harm, causing her to flee, resulting in her death.

    Cash said Tostees recording captured a moment where sounds were consistent with him choking or strangling Wright. She pleaded to be allowed to go home before repeatedly screaming no as he shoved her on to the balcony and shut the door.

    Defence lawyers for Tostee, who has pleaded not guilty, deny any attempt by Tostee to strangle Wright.

    His barrister, Saul Holt, has told the court that Tostee used reasonable force to subdue Wright, who had grown increasingly erratic while drinking heavily. She had taken to randomly, with no apparent provocation, hitting Tostee, threatening violence, throwing ornamental rocks one of his interior decorations at his head and hitting him with the clamp of his telescope.

    Holt argued that Tostee, after tackling Wright to the floor and forcing her on to the balcony, put them both in a position of safety by shutting the door.

    Tostee was entitled to lock the door on someone who was violent and disorderly, Holt submitted.

    Gable Tostee arrives at the supreme court in Brisbane on Friday. Photograph: Dan Peled/AAP

    She is outside, he is inside and he has caused a locked door to be between the two of them, Holt told the court.

    What happened in this case is nothing like murder or manslaughter. It doesnt fit.

    Holt said the fact that the critical part of the evening was recorded on Tostees phone meant there was very little in dispute between the crown and the defence apart from the allegation about choking her, which was in absolute dispute, and his culpability for her death.

    The audio recording, which was discovered by police on a Sony Xperia phone they found in Tostees fathers car, has been released by the court.

    It captures an early morning conversation awkwardly traversing topics from architecture to religion, as James Blunt and Kanye West play in the background.

    The talk is punctuated by Tostees occasional cries of Ow! as Wright punches him. He tells her to chill and have a drink.

    You love beating me up like a Kiwi, Tostee says. Wright tells him she beats people up all the time.

    Tostee quips that he will end up looking like a piece of tenderised meat if she keeps hitting him.

    She asks him if he can tell her mother shes not a loser. She talks about her dog that died, her belief in justice and the afterlife.

    Tostee says: We die. Thats it. Throw me off the balcony. He talks of three things that are really good on this Earth: food, sleep and sex.

    He says there are no gods. She says: Ive seen stuff though.

    Wright tells him: I am going to go vampire on your arse.

    Tostee yells Ow! again. Hes still laughing. Wrights speech starts to lose its coherence. She shouts Forrest Gump repeatedly, then Im a ninja its not funny. More cries of Ow! from Tostee.

    She goes to leave and he asks her if she wants him to walk her back to her apartment. The music stops and Wright asks where her belongings are. Tostee offers to call her mobile phone. She accuses Tostee of stealing her phone and handbag and an argument breaks out.

    Wheres my fucking shit? I will fucking destroy your jaw. Its not fucking funny. Im going to call the police.

    Tostee says: I should have never given you so much to drink. I thought we were going to have fun. I dont deserve this shit. Im a nice fucking guy.

    Tostee finds her phone and calm returns. Wright says she has money in NZ and gets taken advantage of.

    Tostee asks her: Do you even remember what you were doing to me half an hour ago? You were beating me up for no reason. You thought it was funny.

    He suggests she sit down for a second so we can discuss.

    Ive met some weird people off Tinder. Im the most tolerant person in the world, he said.

    Wright says she would help anyone in need. Tostee says shes a bit violent though.

    Wright talks about taking a look out the window, and Tostee tells her: Dont jump off or anything.

    Wright shrieks help in a mock high-pitched voice, adding that shes only joking. Tostee tells her the men in white coats are coming.

    Youre kind of mental, but in a really cute way, he tells her.

    Wright goes to the bathroom and Tostee whispers into his phone: God help me. Shit.

    Wright returns. Slurring her words, she begins whispering to Tostee about Sam, later exhorting him to: Bow down to Sam.

    He yells Ouch then Ill bow down.

    That signals Tostees apparent switch from annoyance to anger.

    He tells her: Thats more than enough. Youve worn out your welcome. Youre not my kind of girl. You have to leave.

    The balcony of Gable Tostees 14th floor Surfers Paradise apartment. Photograph: Dan Peled/AAP

    In Tostees account, his tackling of Wright to the floor of the apartment follows her striking him with a telescope.

    The prosecution claims that is when the sound consistent with Tostee choking Wright can be heard, which he denies.

    You are lucky I havent chucked you off my balcony, you goddamn psycho little bitch, he says.

    Who the fuck do you think I am? Yeah, do your muay thai now.

    Wright, her mouth sounding muffled, says he is sexist.

    Im the one whos injured. You dont have a goddamn scratch on you, Tostee says.

    I thought you were just playing around. But youre psycho. Goddamn psycho.

    Im going to let you go, Im going to walk you out of this apartment just the way you are. Youre not going to collect any of your belongings or anything, youre just going to walk out and Im going to slam the door on you. You understand? If you try and pull anything Ill knock you out. Ill knock you the fuck out.

    Tostee tells Wright to get up.

    Im sorry, Wright says.

    I dont care. Get up, Tostee says.

    Tostee, apparently still restraining Wright, tells her over and over: You dont understand do you?

    You think you can hit me and I just fall down like in the movies?

    Wright tells him repeatedly to Let go.

    Tostee: Who the fuck do you think you are?

    Wright: No, no, no, no

    Tostee: You trying to kill me, huh? Whyd you try and hit me with that, huh?

    Wright is screaming no over and over again.

    This is all on recording you know. Its all being recorded, Tostee says.

    Wright pleads: Just let me go home.

    Tostee says: I would but youve been a bad girl.

    The glass door clicks shut and Wrights screams fade. Tostee sighs. Less than 20 seconds pass when Wright screams as she slips from the balcony rail.

    Tostees barrister, Holt, in his opening address on Monday, told the jury the moment when the screaming Wright was being locked on the balcony was a horrible one to listen to because you know what comes next.

    But the recording contained a sequence of events that would bear out his clients innocence of her murder, Holt argued.

    It really is, all in the recording, he said.

    The trial continues.

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    13 Bizarre Beauty Gadgets From The Past That People Actually Used

    I will be the first to admit, I’ve been a sucker for some pretty strange “beauty secrets” in my life that were basically just throwing money down the drain.

    We all want to look our best, but putting in the hard work to achieve that can sometimes be too frustrating and we suddenly find ourselves duped by the promise of a quick fix.

    But outside of your average curling iron or perhaps an exfoliating face scrubber, it’s best to keep your money in your wallet. In fact, after looking at some of the bizarre and downright frightening things inventors have come up with in the past, I think I’m going to start embracing the all-natural look.

    Not only are these vintage beauty gadgets baffling to look at, but several of them also seem like they were pretty painful to endure.Something as commonplace as a perm back then would have beenenough to send me running from the salon!

    Did we miss any odd beauty devices you remember from the past? Let us know in the comments and be sure to SHARE with your friends.

    1. Perm Machine


    I’ve had some pretty painfulperms in my time, but nothing quite as terrifying as this technique looks.

    2. Beauty Micrometer


    This device, invented by a Hollywood makeup artist, was meant to pinpoint all your most important makeup needs, but I think it just gave the ladiesnightmares.

    3. Hangover Face Refresher


    Thiscontraptionwas initially meant to help keep actresses cool on hot sets but also saw a lot of action the day after big Hollywood shindigs.

    4. Heat Mask


    On the other side of the coin, this mask was meant to be connected to your furnace to warm up your face and stimulate circulation.

    5. Glamour Bonnet


    This claimed to improve your complexion by vacuuming out the air pressure and somehow not suffocate the wearer.

    6. Vacuum Spot Treatment


    Unlike the glamour bonnet, this device only focused its suction on particular sections of your face at a time.

    7. Rejuvenique Electric Facial Mask


    In what looks like a design taken straight fromFriday the 13th, this gadget from 30 to 40 years agoessentially vibrated your face in order to ward off wrinkles.

    8. Thermocap


    Even guys worry about their looks, and this metal hat claimed to revitalize lost hair follicles.

    9. Huge Hairdryers


    This definitely wouldn’t fit in your luggage back in the day, but you can’t deny it got the job done.

    10. Helena Rubinstein Face Mask


    The famous cosmetologist treated her clients with what I can only really describe as a “face bra.”

    11. Trados Nose Shaper


    I think regular rhinoplasty would be much less uncomfortable than inflicting yourself with this nose restriction.

    12. Facial Flex


    According to the woman in this throwback infomercial, opening and closing your mouth with this would be just as beneficial as a facelift, but I can’t say I’mconvinced.

    13. Freckle-Proof Cape


    Before sunscreen was invented, this was thebest option beach bums could come up with for keeping their alabaster skin from burning under the rays.

    Did we miss a crazy deviceyou remember from the past? Let us know below and be sure to SHARE with your friends!

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    Did You Know? Real-Time Statistic Tiles

    Did you know that you can now display real-time statistics on your Tiles dashboard? Set a tile to display numerical average, min, max, median, and more using the new Summary tile. All statistics are calculated in real-time as data is streamed in. You can also use the Summary tile to instantly calculate statistics for data [&hellip
    The post Did You Know? Real-Time Statistic Tiles appeared first on .

    Thanks to for these Posts and details

    MPs told ‘get a grip’ in midst of Southern strike woes – BBC News

    Image copyright PA
    Image caption Industrial action over the role of guards has caused months of disruption on the Southern network

    MPs have attacked the government’s handling of rail franchises, saying passengers have been let down badly.

    A Transport Select Committee report cited the “woeful” experience of Southern passengers, who have faced months of industrial action and staff shortages.

    Ministers were urged to “get a grip” on monitoring rail franchise agreements.

    The Department for Transport (DfT) said improving Southern services was a priority for the government.

    The RMT union, which is locked in a bitter dispute with the rail operator over the future role of conductors, said the report was an indictment of the failure of rail privatisation.

    It was published as Southern timetables returned to normal after a three-day strike by union members.

    A further 11 days of strikes are planned before Christmas.

    Southern’s owners, Govia Thameslink Rail (GTR) said the report covered many issues already in the public domain.

    Image copyright Reuters
    Image caption Southern began imposing changes to the role of conductors in August

    MPs said the evidence taken from rail passengers was dominated by problems faced by GTR.

    ‘No longer credible’

    The report considered whether the firm is now in default of its contractual obligations due to the substantial number of train cancellations.

    “In normal circumstances, this would be grounds for termination of the contract,” the report said.

    The DfT’s claim that no other operator could do a better job in the circumstances was no longer credible, the committee said.

    On parts of the national rail network, passengers struggled daily to get the service they deserved, the report said.

    It cited a number of other problems, including overcrowding, delays, complex ticketing and a lack of access for disabled passengers.

    Image copyright EPA

    Committee chairman Louise Ellman said passengers must be “furious, and rightly so”.

    “The individual voices of customers suffering woeful service on Southern Railway, in particular, came through loud and clear during our inquiry,” she said.

    “GTR, RMT and the government are all culpable to some extent for the prolonged dispute, but passengers have borne the brunt.”

    Ms Ellman said the size of the rail network had barely increased despite passenger journeys more than doubling over the last 20 years.

    “Passengers now contribute more than 70% of the industry’s real income, but in too many places, passengers are badly serviced by train operating companies,” she added.

    Image copyright EPA
    Image caption The findings were published as Southern timetables returned to normal after a three-day strike by union members

    The report recommended an automatic compensation scheme be set up to refund Southern passengers directly without the need to make a claim.

    The DfT said it monitored the performance of all rail franchises and each franchise agreement contained clear penalty clauses for repeated poor performance.

    “Simply changing the management or taking the franchise from GTR would not address the issues and would only create uncertainty and cause further disruption,” it said in a statement.

    ‘Not good enough’

    GTR’s CEO Charles Horton said the firm had submitted claims to the DfT for unforeseeable circumstances caused by industrial action that prevented it from fulfilling its contract.

    “We recognise and fully accept that our service on parts of the GTR franchise has not been good enough and we are sincerely sorry to our passengers for that,” he said.

    “Our passengers have already seen 400 new vehicles on our network in the past two years [and] extended smart card technology across our network.

    “We remain committed and determined to modernise the railway and deliver a better service for everyone.”

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    Kidnapped 4-Year-Old Seen On McDonalds Security Camera With Her Abductor

    When a child goes missing, a million thoughts will run through anyone’s head.

    A mother will understand the worry. A sister will understand the heartbreak. A father will understand the anger.

    And so on and so on. Everyone knows, no matter what stage you’re at in life, that if a child is missing, a family is devastated.

    You know that there is a horrible person out there who has taken someone’s life with them somewhere and that he or she needs to be caught.

    These kind of scary moments are what sometimes bring people together, and thankfully, that’s exactly what happened with Rebecca Lewis.

    She’s only 4 years oldand was seen in her bed only minutes before she was taken.

    Her family got the police involved after searching around their home and yard and not being able to find her.

    An Amber Alert was sent out and her photo was shared all over the internet. Everyone was on the look out for Lewis and her abductor.

    Thankfully because of the technology we have today and people’s care for the family searching for their little girl, one nurse saw her with her abductor, and called the police immediately.

    The abductor, West Wild Hogs,was aformer family friend and has since been arrested. And now we get to watch adorable little “Becky” reunite with her family.

    Thumbnail Credit:FOX13

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    Staff at Brisbane Apple store fired for stealing pictures from customer phones

    Workers took photographs of female customers and staff without consent, shared them with others and rated them out of 10

    Staff at an Apple store in Brisbane have been fired for stealing photographs from customers phones.

    The employees had also taken photographs of female customers and staff without their knowledge or consent, then shared them with employees at other Queensland stores. The victims were then given a ranking out of 10.

    The Courier-Mail reported the scandal on Thursday and said more than 100 images had been taken. Four male staff members had been sacked.

    A staff member had noticed a technician looking through a customers phone in the repair room at the Apple store in the Westfield mall in Carindale, Brisbane, earlier this month.

    A human resources executive had been flown to Australia by Apple to manage the fallout, the Courier-Mail reported.

    One staff member told the paper the disgusting practice was possibly occurring at other Apple stores in Queensland and, potentially, Sydney.

    According to the Courier-Mail, women who work at the Carindale store have not been told who was involved in the photo-sharing ring, and senior staff at Apple have refused to answer questions.

    Customers have also not been informed of the privacy breach.

    A statement from Apple to the Courier-Mail confirmed the Carindale store was being investigated. Apple believe in treating everyone equally and with respect, and we do not tolerate behaviour that goes against our values.

    We are investigating a violation of Apples business conduct policy at our store in Carindale, where several employees have already been terminated as a result of our findings.

    Guardian Australia has contacted Apple for comment.

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    Samsung Galaxy Note 7: phone recall kit includes three boxes and gloves

    Extraordinary precautions taken by South Korean maker after both the original fire-prone phone and its replacement were withdrawn from global sale

    Samsung appears to be taking no chances with its potentially explosive Galaxy Note 7 supplying customers with an elaborate kit to use when returning their phones.

    The safety precautions include a static shield that needs to be put inside a box, inside another box, inside a final flameproof box and a pair of gloves for handling the protective materials involved.

    Samsung confirmed on Tuesday it was permanently stopping production of the smartphone after batteries caught fire and exploded both on the original phones and their replacements.

    The company has advised customers with original or replacement Galaxy Note 7s to stop using them and get in touch for a full refund or replacement Samsung product.

    Customers have also been asked to return their phones by ground mail because of the risk to aircraft in flight if the batteries explode.

    The return kit, as shown in a video posted to YouTube by the US-based XDA Developers group, seems to be designed to minimise the risk of the phones causing any more havoc.

    The thermally insulated flameproof box contains more boxes, precise instructions and safety gloves for picking up a faulty phone.

    The outer box carries the warning that it contains damaged and defective lithium batteries forbidden for transport by air.

    As per the included instructions, the phone should be placed within a Static Shielding Bag, then a cardboard OEM Replacement Box, then another cardboard Inner Box, then the outer Recovery Box.

    The gloves are for people who are sensitive to the ceramic fibre paper lining the outer recovery box.

    Mario Toms Serrafero of XDA Developers said the kit highlighted the extents to which Samsung was going to ensure customers safety.

    A representative for Samsung in Australia was contacted for comment.

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