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Introducing Geofenced Triggers

You can now setup a geofenced trigger for a data stream containing latitude/longitude coordinates. Whenever an asset enters or leaves the programmed geofence, set by a latitude/longitude coordinate center plus a specified radius, a trigger action will fire. This post goes through a step-by-step example of setting up a geofence and testing trigger alerts by sending location data … Continue reading Introducing Geofenced Triggers

Major Release: Unlimited Real-Time SMS & Email Triggers!

Last February, we introduced an invitation-only Alpha for a new feature called Triggers to a select group of paid Initial State users. Triggers is our solution to real-time notifications and actions on live data streams. The instant the condition you set becomes true, the action you’ve configured is performed. The most ambitious and difficult aspect of this new feature is making it real-time. … Continue reading Major Release: Unlimited Real-Time SMS & Email Triggers!