New Innovation Allows Concrete to Trap CO2 Emission

A major factor for environment change is said to be massive CO2 emissions that make the world hotter and melt the ice caps. But exactly what if we established an innovation that could control CO2 emissions in a productive way? That is a concern CarbonCure, a Candian startup based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, responds to with its unique offering.The CarbonCure transformation While scientists across

the world are disputing the best ways to reduce CO2, the people at CarbonCure are trying to find ways they can utilize it for the advantage of mankind. And this line of thinking has actually been worthwhile– CarbonCure has actually discovered a method to trap CO2 emissions in concrete so that it can be utilized effectively in the building industry.In order to enhance concrete, cement is required.

And inning accordance with quotes, production of cement alone contributes to nearly 7 percent of annual greenhouse gas emissions. Every year, near to 4 billion pounds of CO2 is given off because of cement production. These truths alone must suffice to make anyone understand why it is very important to lower the reliance on cement. With CarbonCure, it is now possible. CarbonCure discovered a way to trap CO2 emissions in concrete so that it can be used efficiently in the building market. (Image: katorisi by means of flickr CC BY-SA 3.0)Using CarbonCure, you can record CO2 and inject it into concrete throughout the mixing process. And once the mix solidifies,

the CO2 will be changed into a mineral and will stay permanently caught in the concrete. Plus, you can also cut down on the cement used in the concrete. And by lowering the cement requirement, the production of cement will be minimized, which will indicate lower greenhouse gas emissions. “We’re leading that movement right now [by] showing it is possible to take CO2 and turn it into something that makes monetary sense … This principle of beneficial reuse of CO2 is anticipated to be a one trillion dollar industry by the year 2030”, Christie Gamble, CarbonCure’s director of sustainability, says in an interview with CNN. The future of construction CarbonCure’s innovation already has actually begun to draw in several concrete manufacturing business. Thomson Concrete from Atlanta is among them. Since 2016, Thomson Concrete has prevented nearly 10 million pounds of CO2 emissions

by using CarbonCure technology.”By adding CarbonCure’s technology into 16 more areas, we’re concurrently decreasing our ecological footprint and providing our clients with access to a budget-friendly greener building product throughout our U.S. markets”, Gas World quotes John Cook, Technical Director of Thomas Concrete USA.CarbonCure still has a great deal of work to do to fulfill its mission of lowering CO2 emissions substantially. Currently , the technology is only being used in about 90 concrete manufacturing plants in the United States With more powerful marketing and promos, the business seeks to make a great part of the 5,500 concrete plants in the United States embrace their innovation. Which is when things will start to have a large-scale impact. CO2 emissions will fall quickly on an annual basis and guarantee a more eco-friendly world.< img src = alt ="CarbonCure still has a great deal of work to do to satisfy its mission of minimizing CO2 emissions substantially.(Image: pixabay/ CC0 1.0)CarbonCure still has a lot of work to do to fulfill its mission of reducing CO2 emissions significantly. (Image: pixabay / CC0 1.0)

” width=600 height=400 > CarbonCure still has a lot of work to do to satisfy its objective of decreasing CO2 emissions significantly. (Image: pixabay/ CC0 1.0)According to Gamble, when the CarbonCure innovation is adopted internationally, it will eventually avoid around 700 megatons of CO2 from being released into the environment on an annual basis. This is comparable to taking about 150 million cars off the road each year. Though it may take a number of years, the group at CarbonCure is preparing ambitious plans to make this happen.Follow us on Twitter or register for our weekly email AnIntrusive Plant That Can Cause Blindness Discovered in Virginia

27 Child Actors Who Grew Up And Are Totally Killing It Now

Cracked pays people to make smart memes. Visit the Photoplasty and Pictofacts Workshop to get in on it.

Child actors who crash and burn are a gossip site staple. The thing is, there are also child stars who grew up, left show business (or stayed in it), and became incredibly successful and well-adjusted. Admit it, you’re surprised.


Entry by Andrea Meno



Entry by Andrea Meno



Entry by CaptainMaly


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CATCH THE BUZZ – Organic Food From Field To Table Is Possible In The EU With New Technology. Is Honey Next?

Britain’s organic market is taking a major step forward, testing innovation that tracks the journey of natural food from farm to go shopping shelf.The trial permits shoppers to tap their mobile phones on packets bacon from Eversfield Organics Farm in Devon on sale in choose As Nature Intended shops. Using near field communications(NFC)on item packaging and the store shelf, together with barcode, the blockchain technology immediately obtains the product’s total supply chain journey. An app is not needed.Shoppers see the natural accreditation, the natural requirements satisfied by the item, a map of its journey, pictures from the farm, an image of the animal if it’s a meat item, as well as farmer or manufacturer profiles.Organic advocate Soil Association has actually teamed with start-up tech firm Provenance to pilot the NFC technology.Provenance chief executive Jessi Baker states the business developed the world’s first digital accreditation sign, with key validated data and batches of product kept on the blockchain, for the program.The pilot, the very first of its kind in the UK, use increasing consumer interest in provenance and where food comes from. Scientists have actually found that mistrust considerably affects the relationship customers have with the foods and products they buy.The issue of food transparency is increasingly in the spotlight in the UK, with 70%

of participants in a recent survey objecting to fake farm labels and 80 %desiring to understand which farm system has actually been used to produce their meat and dairy products.Soil Association Head of Farming Liz Bowles states the new system offers a solution to communicate

provenance in an interactive and easy way.”This innovation will allow customers to have much greater levels of trust in the food they purchase as they can literally see where it has actually come from,”she says.”For natural farmers, it will enable them to be noticeable to their consumers and offer them chances to establish their businesses utilizing this

innovation to interact more directly with customers.”Eversfield Organic Farm sales and marketing director Anna Bury calls the technology a substantial action to a future for all buyers to pick authentic items with a favorable effect on the planet. “Now merchants can share the journey of our animals every step of the method with their clients,”she says.Soil Association Licensed natural always suggests fewer pesticides, no artificial colors and preservatives, constantly free-range, no regular use of antibiotics, and no GM ingredients.The pilot program was to continue till products of the specifically tagged items run out.Soil Association Certification plans to continue to promote the brand-new interactive digital certification to brand names and sellers, to substantially extend the natural certification.The post CATCH THE BUZZ– Organic Food From Field To Table Is Possible In The EU With New Technology. Is Honey Next? appeared initially on Bee Culture.


New Innovation to assist in Battle Versus Rural Criminal Activity

Rural crime is something people in the province deal with regularly, and with initiatives like the Protection and Response team and Highway Patrol Officers now being armed with the tools to face it, improvements are being made on the regular.

Innovation Saskatchewan, along with the RCMP and the Provincial Government, joined in on the fight and held a contest called the “Innovation Saskatchewan Rural Crime Innovation Challenge,” looking for individuals, entrepreneurs, and independent companies to bring their best solutions forward to try and tackle the issue of rural crime.

“It is an issue that we hear about in government and in the media and I think it’s a reality, it’s a problem that a lot of Saskatchewan people face,” explained Wes Jickling, CEO of Innovation Saskatchewan. “You know technology isn’t just about helping you at your computer or at your laptop; it can actually be applied to solve real-world problems that regular folks are experiencing.”

After around 9 months since the presentations to the panel, Innovation Saskatchewan unveiled the winner of the challenge as Jeff Shirley, with River City Technology, who created a tracking device all called BeeSecure that farmers can use to track things like quads, tool boxes, or anything else on their farm, only using their phone.

As part of being chosen as the winner, Shirley received a $10,000 grant and a 16-month residency with the Ministry of Justice.

“Saskatchewan is full of innovators; we’ve got a history of innovation and technological development,” Jickling shared. “I think that technology in Saskatchewan, talent in Saskatchewan people, we can solve problems with technology and new ideas and the rural crime challenge was an example of that in reality.”

If the team is successful, they will be able to test their proposed prototype through a pilot project.


How is new innovation enhancing tire security?

and generator in a single system, this will add to the decrease of emissions.2003: Continental introduce the ContiSportContact 2 Vmax, the world’svery first

road tyre approved for speeds of up to 223 mph(360 km/h).2007: Continental end up being one of the leading five providers in the global vehicle market.2008: Production of lithium-ion batteries for use

in hybrid cars starts.2010: The brand-new ContiSportContact 5 P summer season tyre is developed, created for high-performance sports automobiles and custom vehicles.2011: Production of electric motors begins.2012: Continental ends up being the first automobile supplier to be granted a self-governing car testing license in the state of Nevada, U.S.A.. 2013:’ContiLifeCycle’ uses a distinct combination of

rubber recycling and truck tyre retreading. This sustainable solution reduces tire expenses and enhances

their life span.2014: Continental win a GreenTec Award for their advancement of dandelion latex as a sustainable tyre substance.2017: Introduction of Continental’s brand-new AllSeasonContact tyre.Continental-saving lives with tire treads The earliest version

of the contemporary tire tread was introduced by Continental in 1904. The tyre tread assists to clear water off the roadway allowing you to have much better grip. This is particularly important in wet weather conditions.

In mix with Continental’s unique rubber compounds, the resulting tyre deliver shorter stopping distances. From the introduction of tyre treads 125 years back, Continental have actually continued to

produce innovative technology in terms of tire security and reliability.

This is particularly relevant as electrical cars

end up being significantly popular.Tomorrow’s technology today ContiSense innovation has been developed to incorporate sensors that measure tread depth and temperature. This will signal the chauffeur to any tyre damage. Continental have established ContiAdapt technology that adjusts tire pressure and rim width to make sure that they performance of the tyre matches the road conditions.

This will provide drivers with improved grip and control.With the needs of driving constantly altering, especially with the development of electrical vehicles and automated driving, it is necessary that tyres can meet these new requirements. Continental believe

that their innovative innovation can

make an essential contribution to automobile advancement. These brand-new developments construct on Continental’s Self Supporting Runflat, ContiSeal and ContiSilent technologies. This technology can be discovered across their premium tyre variety, for example the< a href= title target= _ blank > ContiPremiumContact 5.

In the future, Continental objective to make ContiSense and ContiAdapt available throughout their tyre range.Continental strategy to continue to buy the development of much safer and more trusted vehicles. It is impossible to predict exactly what innovation could be produced in the future however Continental will certainly be at the forefront.


19 Coincidences That Will Make You Believe in a Higher Power

Every so often, something happens that truly makes you believe that life is not random but a carefully planned out sequence of events.


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Rocket Man 1, Trump 0: North Korea Keeps Its Nukes for Now

The historic summit between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un ended with the celebratory signing of a declaration that the United States and North Korea will work toward complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

But the declaration, which echoes the vague language of an April joint statement by Kim and South Korean President Moon Jae-in, does not commit North Korea to a firm, verifiable process for giving up its nuclear weapons or the associated research-and-development effort.

Despite Trump telling reporters that his meeting with Kim went better than anybody could have expected, only one man truly had any reason to celebrate.

Kim walked away from the brief summit at a Singapore hotel on June 12 with all the legitimacy that a meeting with the worlds most powerful person confersand without giving up very much in return. In addition, Trump said the U.S. would end war games with South Korea, which the president later described to ABC News as very, very expensive and provocative.

The New York Times reported the announcement stunned South Koreas leadershipand left surprised Pentagon officials scrambling.

Kim achieves a huge goal of his father and grandfather in exchange for… agreeing to acknowledge progress, Jeffrey Lewis, a nuclear expert at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, told The Daily Beast.

Now, its true that North Korea released three American prisoners as a sign of goodwill in the weeks before the summit. But Kims regime didnt specifically promise to give up any of the several dozen nuclear weapons that experts estimate it possesses.

And despite staging a dramatic demolition of portions of its main atomic test site, experts say North Korea could easily resume development of nuclear weapons.

During a press conference after the signing, Trump said Kim had made additional promises to destroy a major missile-engine testing site in the near future, but he conceded that was not outlined in the original signed agreement. He wants to do the right thing, Trump said about the very talented Kim. Honestly, I think hes going to do these things.

I do trust him, yeah, Trump told ABCs George Stephanopolous. "Now, will I come back to you in a year and youll be interviewing and Ill say, gee I made a mistake? Thats always possible. You know, were dealing at a very high level, a lot of things can change, a lot of things are possible. He trusts me, I believe, I really do…. He said no other president could have done this. I think he trusts me, and I trust him.

In the interviewthe first with a non-Fox News outlet in a yearTrump said there were additional steps Pyongyang would be taking, including getting rid of things that havent been mentioned in the document. He then described his reason for ending the joint U.S.-South Korea military exercises:

Im doing something that Ive wanted to do from the beginning. We stopped playing those war games that cost us a fortune. You know, were spending a fortune, every couple of months were doing war games with South Korea, and I said, Whats this costing? Were flying planes in from Guam, were bombing empty mountains for practice. I said I want to stop that and I will stop that, and I think its very provocative.

Did you talk about pulling troops out? U.S. troops out of South Korea? Stephanopolous asked.

We didnt discuss that, no, Trump answered. But were not gonna play the war games. You know, I wanted to stop the war games, I thought they were very provocative. But I also think theyre very expensive. Were running the country properly, I think theyre very, very expensive. To do it, we have to fly planes in from Guamthats six and a half hours away. Big bombers and everything else, I said, Whos paying for this? I mean, who pays, in order to practice.

The AP reports Seouls presidential office told a reporter it was trying to discern the exact meaning and intent of Trumps comments.

Experts are skeptical that Kim will ever denuclearize. If North Korea agreed to disarm, right after having by their own account attained an intercontinental thermonuclear capability, it would be completely unprecedented, Alex Wellerstein, a nuclear historian at the Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey, told The Daily Beast.

Meeting Trump while still keeping its nukes represents a huge propaganda victory for North Korea and Kim Jong Un, tweeted political analyst Matthew Dowd, a former consultant to President George W. Bush.

U.S. officials had set a high standard for the success at the summit. The only outcome the United States will accept is the complete and verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told reporters only the day before Trump and Kim met.

Despite the Trump administrations strong language leading up to the summit, North Korea never specifically promised it would give up its nukes, which the impoverished country has spent decades and billions of dollars developing.

Pyongyang tested its first atomic warhead in 2006. The pace of the countrys nuclear development significantly accelerated around the time of Trumps election in November 2016. Kim announced that his regime was preparing to test its first intercontinental ballistic missile.

It wont happen! Trump tweeted.

But ICBM tests did happenthree times in 2017. Kims third ICBM test of that year, on Nov. 28, was his most impressive. The rocket arced 2,800 miles into space before re-entering Earths atmosphere and splashing into the Sea of Japan around 600 miles from the launcher.

David Wright, a physicist with the Union of Concerned Scientists in Massachusetts, calculated the rockets potential maximum range. By flattening its trajectory, Pyongyang could extend the rockets striking distance to no less than 8,000 milessufficient to strike anywhere in the continental United States.

The U.S. militarys own missile defenses failed to keep pace. In May 2017, the Missile Defense Agency tested a rocket it claimed was capable of intercepting an incoming North Korean ICBM before it could hit the United States.

But the test wasnt realistic, according to Laura Grego, a missile expert with the Union of Concerned Scientists based in Massachusetts. Grego examined the distances the two test rockets were expected to traveland how quicklyand concluded that the target rocket would probably be significantly slower than an ICBM launched from North Korea would be.

The paltriness of U.S. defenses did not stop Trump from provoking Kim. Rocket man is on a suicide mission, Trump said during a September 2017 address at the United Nations in New York City, using his then-favorite nickname for Kim. The United States has great strength and patience, but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea.

Instead, in March 2018, Trump offered to meet with Kim and Kim accepted. Trump abruptly canceled the summit a few weeks laterand then quickly uncanceled it.

Meanwhile, North Korea claimed it suspended nuclear testing. And in early May it staged a partial demolition of its main atomic test sitea purely symbolic gesture. Kim can dig new tunnels quickly to replace the collapsed sites if he chooses to do so, pointed out Bruce Blair, a Princeton University nuclear expert.

Suspending testing is a good-faith gesture and bargaining ploy that yields what Kim wants out of his testing program politically, Blair said. The North Korean leader finally secured that political prize as he sat with Trump in Singapore, signing a document that legitimized his regime, cost him next to nothingand let him keep his nukes.

In the ABC interview, Stephanopolous asked how Kims commitment to denuclearization would be verified, and Trump gave vague descriptions of working closely with the North.

Mike Pompeo has got really, very good, strong relationships and others have also, Trump said. Today, we introduced him to John Bolton, which was a very interesting thing, and

Stephanopolous interjected: He says, how do you know Kim Jong Un is lying? His lips are moving.

By the end of that conversation, it was good, Trump insisted. I think they have a good trust.

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MIT Scientists Create Norman, The World’s First “Psychopathic” AI

A team of scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have built a psychopathic AI using image captions pulled from Reddit. Oh, and they’ve named it Norman after Alfred Hitchcock’s Norman Bates. This is how our very own Terminator starts…

The purpose of the experiment was to test how data fed into an algorithm affects its “outlook”. Specifically, how training an algorithm on some of the darkest elements of the web – in this case, images of people dying grisly deaths sourced from an unnamed Reddit subgroup – affects the software. 

Norman is a particular type of AI program that can “look at” and “understand” pictures, and then describe what it sees in writing. So, after being trained on some particularly gruesome image captions, it performed the Rorschach test, which is the series of inkblots psychologists use to analyze the mental health and emotional state of their patients. Norman’s responses were then compared to those of a second AI, trained on more family-friendly images of birds, cats, and people. The differences between the two are stark.

Here are just a few examples:


A standard AI thought this red and black inkblot represented “A couple of people standing next to each other.” Norman thought it was “Man jumps from floor window”. 


This grey inkblot could be interpreted as “A black and white photo of a baseball glove” (standard AI) or “Man is murdered by machine gun in daylight” (Norman).


One AI thought this was “A black and white photo of a small bird.” The other saw “Man gets pulled into dough machine.” Guess which one was Norman.

For more, check out the website

This shows that data really does matter more than the algorithm, the researchers say. 

“Norman suffered from extended exposure to the darkest corners of Reddit, and represents a case study on the dangers of Artificial Intelligence gone wrong when biased data is used in machine learning algorithms,” the team, who are also responsible for the Nightmare Machine and Shelly, the first AI horror writer, explained on the website

This is true not only of AI exhibiting psychopathic tendencies but other algorithms accused of being unfair and prejudiced. Studies have shown that, intentionally or not, artificial intelligence picks up human racism and sexism. Then there was Microsoft’s chatbox Tay, which had to be taken offline after it began spewing hateful one-liners, such as “Hitler was right” and “I fucking hate feminists and they should all die and burn in hell.”  

As for Norman, hope is not lost. Good citizens can help the algorithm regain its morality by completing the Rorschach test themselves

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Drone Fails Compilation – Video

We’re quite the fan of compilations here at ViralViralVideos (hence our recurring fail, news bloopers or cute pets compilations), but one about drone fails is pretty new to us. These new gadgets are an amazing piece of modern technology, but we just love them for the footage they produce. Even if that footage is… subpar.

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Blinded by the Artificial Light. How New Technology Is Pooping Out Peepers, Causing a Variety of Health Issues, and Wrecking The Environment.

By B.N. Frank

Blue light from digital screens, flat-screen TVs, Fluorescent (CFL) and LED light bulbs are triggering a wide range of Is Amazon About to Shock Bitcoin Investors?According to some researchers, the next huge thingin light contamination is”The Race for 5G”which involves setting up hundreds of thousands of small cell towers in front of houses and practically everywhere else. Thehuman eye cannot see them, the waves are a crucial part of the electro-magnetic spectrum that radio astronomers use to study the universe.

Now wireless communications business are poised to fill this part of the spectrum with more human-generated noise. The real number one [threat to radio astronomy] these days is the advent of 5G.( Source) Increasing light contamination is including to the rapidly increasing amount of electrical contamination(Electrosmog)which is simply as damaging as other sources of contamination already being passionately addressed by lots of environmentalists.Isn’t it time to stop turning a blind eye to light contamination before it gets any worse.For more details, check out the following sites: Free ebook The best ways to Make It Through the Task Automation Armageddon Free ebook Ways to Get Started with Bitcoin: Quick and Easy Novice’s Guide Activist Post Daily

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