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Ancient skeletons are upending what we know about how far women traveled in the Stone Age.

Early man. A proud, chiseled, oil-chested warrior who roamed the land, hauling boulders to construct his boulder house and punching mastodons within the throat.

Early lady. A helpless homemaker who to tended her 15-37 children and collected grapes in the local grape plant.

This is an long lasting image, oft repeated in literature, film, and car insurance commercials.

Also it could just be just a little-to-a-lot wrong.

New research, printed in Proceedings from the Nas, discovered that Stone and Bronze Age women did a lot more traveling than their male counterparts &mdash&nbspat least in a single region of Europe.

“HEY!” Photo by Stadtarchaologie Augsburg.

They examined the remains of 84 individuals hidden south of Augsburg, Germany. Through chemical and genetic analysis, they determined that the majority of the boys were born in your area, while the majority of the ladies hailed from Central Germany or Bohemia in modern-day Czech Republic, countless miles away.

“We have seen an excellent diversity of various female lineages, which may occur if with time a lot of women relocated towards the Lech Valley from elsewhere,” Alissa Mittnik, among the study’s lead researchers, said in a statement.

The “foreign” women were hidden with similar rites because the men, indicating that they been built-into local society.

Most traveled as individuals, instead of groups, suggesting that they are “moving for marriage, not for servitude as well,&rdquo Mittnik told Inverse in an interview.

Researchers believe this “institutionalized type of individual mobility” would be a key driver of cultural exchange.

Most of the tools and technology available at the websites were going to have originated farther north, evidence that they’re going to happen to be introduced through the women.

Through the standards of the era, they were world travelers.

They hope that further study will give you more clues regarding how freely, frequently, and extensively Bronze Age humans migrated.

A vehicle maybe woulda helped. Photo by Alex Mihis/Pexels.

The traditional women of Central Europe might not have hunted mastodons, but they are ongoing to upend conventional wisdom of gender dynamics in millennia-old human societies and assumptions concerning the way things will always be.

As the historic record frequently marginalizes the contributions of ladies, the research is evidence that, in a minumum of one region around the globe, their migration was essential to the cultural and technological growth of their societies, even when it had been for marriage.

Certainly beats picking grapes.

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This animated short about a gay kid ‘outed by his heart’ is the absolute cutest.

After much breathless waiting and anticipation, the animated kids short, “In a Heartbeat,” was finally released on This summer 31, 2017.

The 4-minute video clip which follows a closeted boy because he “runs the chance of being outed by their own heart after it pops from his chest to chase lower the boy of his dreams” has captivated certain corners from the internet since its trailer was launched in May and instantly went viral.

The finished film is equally as adorable and sweet and pure and squee-worthy as fans were wishing.

Individuals are just totally loving it.

Like, honestly, truly adoring it.

Rapid is just four minutes lengthy and completely without any narration or dialogue.

Nevertheless its creators, Janet David and Esteban Bravo who completed the work in their college senior thesis project could invoke a lot of relatable feelings to queer fans watching in your own home: the helplessness of puppy love, the adolescent dread to be outed as LGBTQ, the judgmental gaze from peers whenever you are outed as LGBTQ, and also the convenience of finally learning you are not by yourself.

The project’s 30-second trailer tugged in mind strings in May, so that you can imagine exactly what a difference the entire movie is making now.

“We are very touched through the response we have become to date and we are pleased to realize that our project has were built with a positive effect on a lot of people,Inch the creators stated about two several weeks ago from the film’s blossoming fandom. “It proves to all of us that there’s a necessity along with a want for media that addresses Gay and lesbian+ styles inside a positive and lighthearted way.”

The 2 wished their film’s positive reception can result in more LGBTQ-inclusive films being created lower the road.

Fans, it appears, amorously agree:

Take four minutes from your day watching “Inside a Heartbeat” at this time, below:

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Watch a clip of the controversial ‘Doc McStuffins’ episode featuring same-sex parents.

The very first time ever, Amanda Deibert’s daughter saw something fantastic as you’re watching ‘life was imple’ cartoons:

A household that appeared as if her very own.

Deibert, a La-based author, was one of many parents reacting readily to a different episode of Disney’s “Doc McStuffins” that featured an interracial family with two moms.

Within the episode, the household lives via a frightening earthquake and learns the significance of getting a security plan in situation of emergencies. But it is the series’ decision to have a same-sex couple voiced by actors Portia de Rossi and Wanda Sykes, who’re both lesbians that’s really groundbreaking.

The variety from the show and getting an African-American young girl function as the star from the show not only is it a physician it transmits an excellent message, Sykes described in a video by GLAAD about her participation.

I’m a fan of Doc McStuffins,” Sykes stated. “My children, they watch the show. With this particular episode, they visit a family that appears like us.Inch

Wanda Sykes (left) and her wife, Alex Sykes, in 2015. Photo by Jason Carter Rinaldi/Getty Images.

The inclusive episode comes among growing calls for better LGBTQ representation over the TV landscape.

Throughout a Television Critics Association press tour just a week ago, GLAAD broke lower troubling trends among queer representation on television one of the most concerning issues was the necessity to feature more LGBTQ figures who are women and people of color. The most recent “Doc McStuffins” episode works well for altering that established order.

Not everybody is happy concerning the episode.

As a result of Sykes and de Rossi’s figures, conservative advocacy group A Million Moms advised supporters to email and call Disney demanding the “Doc McStuffins” episode not be seen through the public.

“If producers air this episode as initially planned, then conservative families may have no choice but to no more watch Disney Funnel Network at home to allow them to avoid previews, commercials, and reruns,” the group threatened.

But Disney aired the episode anyway. And many people was by its side.

The hashtag #StandWithDoc popped on Twitter as a result of the backlash.

Individuals from over the internet sent encouraging messages to Disney and also the a large number of families who definitely are positively impacted by the episode.

The outpouring of support and Disney’s decision to follow-through using the episode reflects society’s growing acceptance of LGBTQ people and fogeys. To numerous kids watching in family rooms across the nation, it is important.

“Were two moms, and we have a boy and girl, two kids,” Sykes stated. “Its likely to be thrilling to allow them to observe that to determine us symbolized.

Obtain a behind-the-scenes consider the episode within this video by GLAAD:

Observe how Disney and Wanda Sykes are teaching families two valuable training in a single episode of Doc McStuffins.

Published by GLAAD on Saturday, August 5, 2017

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