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Aging senators ask ‘Mr. Zuckerberg’ for tech support in hilarious Senate hearing meme

Image: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

In what will probably be the premise of The Social Network 2,Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was grilled by members of the U.S. Senate on Tuesday. 

Zuckerberg answered questions about digital privacy in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. And a lot of the senators asking the questions were old. Very old. 

Sen. Patrick Leahy brought printouts of various Facebook groups (bless the staff member who had to print them) and asked if they were Russian propaganda groups, because as CEO, Zuckerberg obviously reads every single post on Facebook himself. Sen. Orrin Hatch asked how Facebook is able to sustain a business model while running as a free service, and Zuckerberg was barely able to keep a straight face when he responded, “Senator, we run ads.”

“I see, that’s great,” Hatch replied. 

It wasn’t just the older senators who didn’t understand how Facebook works. Sen. Brian Schatz, who is only 45 years old, asked Zuckerberg if Facebook would be able to see if he “emailed” someone over Whatsapp. When Zuckerberg said that Whatsapp is encrypted, and that other companies are not able to read encrypted messages, Schatz asked if he would get Black Panther ads on Facebook if he messaged someone about the movie through Whatsapp. 

People on Twitter found it pretty ridiculous that the lawmakers who have the power to regulate technology have absolutely no idea how technology works. And so they roasted them with memes. 

In the “Mr. Zuckerberg” meme, clueless lawmakers use the Senate hearing to ask Zuckerberg questions about Facebook. Instead of interrogating the CEO about his company’s business practices, though, they ask him for tech advice. 

They’re usually accompanied by an image of an exasperated, exhausted Zuckerberg. 

And people didn’t hold back on Sen. Ted Cruz, who’s had his fair share of PR nightmares while in office. 

While the memes covered Cruz’s “accidental” porn like and the rumors of his secret identity as the Zodiac Killer, others were just sad.

Zuckerberg faces another day of questioning in front of the House Commerce Committee on Wednesday.  

And that means another day of explaining how Facebook works to septuagenarian lawmakers. Good luck, Mark. 

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‘Silicon Valley’ shows how ridiculous the new iPhone X truly is

Sometimes, it takes the cast of Silicon Valley to poke fun at the real world Silicon Valley.

While the show masterfully ribs its own version of tech industry, a new cut from Funny or Die mashed scenes from Silicon Valley with Apple’s iPhone keynote to reveal the ridiculousness that is the IRL iPhone X. 

Sure, the iPhone X is an impressive phone (it better be with that price tag), but the way Apple fans praise anything the company does is something we should all call out and laugh at. While cool, Animoji is not the breakthrough technology we need (or want) right now. 

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Squiggle lips are a thing now … kind of

Would like your mouth to appear such as the Nickelodeon emblem?

Amazing. Get your preferred tube of lipstick, turn on your FaceTune application, and let us make a start in your squiggle lips.

Squiggle lips arrive fresh around the heels of squiggle brows, the not-really-a-trend-but-certainly-a-factor look that confused the web the 2009 week.&nbsp

Even though many photos of squiggle lips are meant as, well, a large joke (probably the most prominent one circulating is clearly a FaceTune job), that has not stopped the web from hitting the scales.

Buddies … can you try the wavy lip factor? Election now.

Help you in a few days for squiggle blush.

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Angry Scottish person goes on 18-tweet rant about the way Americans eat eggs

It is really an egg cup. It holds your steamed egg so that you can eat it having a spoon.
Image: Mito Images/REX/Shutterstock

The United States and also the United kingdom possess a lot in keeping both of us speak basically exactly the same language both of us like cats and dogs both of us enjoy eating pizza and watching television.

With regards to certain topics, though, there is a cultural gulf between our two fair nations two times how big the sea that separates us.

Today’s subject of contention? Eggs.

Or, more particularly, egg cups.

On Sunday night, a Scottish game titles programmer launched into an impressively sweary rant concerning the fact us citizens avoid using egg cups (individuals little containers which you can use to carry a steamed egg when you eat it having a spoon).

Here’s the entire 18-tweet rant, in most its glory…

Your move, America.

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