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Woman Scans Her Vagina and 3D Prints Kayak Out of It

Begin to see the man within the boat? No seriously: Discuss one hell of the tumultuous present day tale: Japanese Artist, Megumi Igarashi required the web by storm last summer time when she was charged with disbursing 3D printable files of the toy boat modeled off her vagina. Since that time, it’s emerged that Igarashi was just selling these 3D printable files in order to save up for any full-sized kayak that will help her develop a full-sized kayak formed much like her vagine.&nbsp

When she was arrested she’d accumulated almost $10K from sales. She spent 5 days in prison prior to the internet were able to pressure the government bodies to allow her walk free.&nbsp

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    Not so difficult request, no?

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    Action shot.

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    So wet at this time, apparently.

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